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If you are planning to get a new Desktop PC  you must be having a tough time to figure out the best configuration for you.While you need to consider Processor,RAM,Hard Disk,Graphics Card and Screen Size(sometimes).Desktop Pc users even need to consider high speed MotherBoards.Keeping all aspects apart.Let’s focus first on a more fundamental question: Intel vs AMD, which processors are the best for you?




Intel Corporation is an Multiational Corporation and Technology Company headquartered in Santa Clara,California(“Sillicon Valley”).It was founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce.Intel supplies processors for computer manufacturers such as Apple,Lenovo,HP and Dell.Intel Corp. also manufactures Motherboard Chipsets,Network Controllers,Integrtaed Circuits,Flash Memory and Graphics Card.


Advanced Micro Devices(AMD) is an American Semiconductor company having its headquarter in Sunnyvale,California.It is second largest suplier in Indstry.AMD develops computer processors and technologies for business and consumer.AMD’s main product line up is Processor,MotherBoard Chipsets,Graphics Card for servers,workstations and personal computers.

Comparision:Intel vs AMD


Intel and AMD offers a wide range of processors at various price point.AMD chips are generally less expensive than Intel’s processors.The Sempron and Athlon Dual Core processors are sold in between Rs 2500 to Rs 3500.The least expensive dual core from Intel is priced near Rs 4000.AMD are cheap that only does not mean that they are better.In real testing Intel provide a seamless computer experience.AMD processors offer better integrated graphics.Intel processors offers Intel HD graphics and AMD processors comes combines with ATI Raedeon.AMD are better at running programs which demands single core performance.Where Intel excels in Multi Core performance.Both provide value in their respective price point.

Gaming Performance:

This department takes a lot of factors to decide.AMD sells processors which have integrated Raedeon Graphics.This combination can run low end games in their low settings in 1080p.On the other hand Intel is mated with Intel HD graphics which are not as powerful as Raedeon Graphics.AMD’s Readeon performs much better in gaming in comparision with Intel HD graphics.This theory stands good only for Low end and few Mid end game.

Scenes changes when it comes to High End gaming.AMD chips are not as snappy as Intel chips.This can drag High End games down.This is called “Bottleneck” situation.Intel’s i5 and i7 series of processors can take significant advantage of high end graphics card as compared to AMD chips.Similarly prices AMD chipset and i5 processors can have a frame  drop or difference of 25-35 fps.

If you are looking into high end gaming,you better take Intel into consideration.

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Benchmark Comparision:Intel vs AMD

Intel i3 vs Intel i5 vs Intel i7 vs AMD A8 vs AMD A10

Here we have major i3,i5 and i7 from Intel to check how they perform against each other on certain benchmark.We have also some from AMD’s arsenal.Here we are covering the polular ones to keep it short and simple.These are all laptop variants belonging to the U series. The first numerical in the CPU nomenclature depicts its generation. For instance, Core 5xxxU will always belong to fifth generation, while a 6xxxU would be from the sixth generation Skylake architecture.






The results above shows that an older i5 outperform a new i3 in terms of performanceFor instance Intel Core i5-4200u is much powerful as compared to i3-5005u.An Intel fufth generation Core i7-5500u seems to deliver better than Sixth Generation  i5-6200u. AMD’s A8 and A10 lacks behind Intel chips and are at the bottom alongside fourth generation Core i3 chipsets.

This is not applicable when the notebook comes with a dedicated AMD or NVIDIA GPU, but could impact performance.

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