How to Recover Deleted Message from FACEBOOK?

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Facebook needs no introduction,the biggest social networking platform in the world.It gives you freedom to connect to anyone across the globe to connect to anyone.The bast part as I think and I guess majority will agree with me would be its chat service.You can send message at instant to anyone and can talk in real time.But,sometime very important messages from your loved ones or from your boss gets deleted by mistake.But do not worry its possible to recover old deleted message from Facebook.This will be a full guide to recover deleted messages in Facebook.So let’s begin-

Step 1:: First step is to log in into Facebook Account.


Step 2:: Click On Settings.


Step 3::Click on “Download a Copy”.


Step 4::Click on “Download Archive”


*It will ask your password,and you will receive  mail containing all your Facebook Data.*

Step 5:: Click on the link sent by Facebook to your e-mail address.


     **Now a  popup box will come up and your Facebook Data is ready to download.**

###Unzip the archive file,and click on index to get access to all your Facebook data.From here you can access your all deleted messages.###

I hope this procedure will help all of you out there to recover their lost deleted messages.If you found it helpful please share with friends and do leave a comment for us.Thank you!!

Sharing is caring!

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