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5 Best Google Chrome Tips and Tricks You Must Know

You find your Google Chrome getting slower day after day try these best Google Chrome tips to make a remarkable difference in performance.Let’s take a overview of Chrome. Google Chrome has been crowned the new leader in the league of computer browsers.Google chrome is the leader with 53.97% market share.Chrome was launched in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, OS X, iOS and Android.Having captured half of the user base Google Chrome is having a steady growth.As the users have increased they always wanted to know about tweaking Google Chrome to get the best out of it.So,we have compiled;

5 Best Google Chrome Tips and Tricks That You Must Know.

1.Save Important Webpages as PDF

Google chrome has a built in PDF writer.It can convert any normal HTML webpage into a PDF for more convenience to the user .You can do it easily by pressing  Ctrl+P from your keyboard and choose or click on “Save as PDF” from the list available from local destination.No external extensions required.

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2.Quick Fix for Sluggish Chrome

Using Google Chrome continuously for several hour,it may feel sluggish.In general Google Chrome consumes lot  of  physical memory(RAM). Easiest way to get rid of this problem is to restart the browser.Sometimes the main fault behind could be a bad extension or a malicious website.The fix can be found under Tools>Task Manager.Sort out the list according to memory use and select the processes consuming more memory and click End Process.

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 3.Fake Your Current Location

Few websites ask for your location while visiting them.You can accept or deny the request to share your geographic location.What if you can fake your location and give it a kick.You can do it by Go to Tools>Developer Tools and press the Esc button to launch the console.Now switch to Emulation Tab and enter any value for latitude and longitude.

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4.Reveal Your Saved Passwords

Google Chrome will save your passwords which later used to auto-fill your passwords.The password are hidden in form of bullets.If you want to know what secret code is hiding behind the bullets then simply follow these tips open the Developer Tools, visually select the password field on the page and change the input type from password to text. Alternatively, you may find your saved passwords under chrome://settings/passwords.

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5.Cache Important Webpages in Google

Google Cache service comes very handy in case the webpage you are trying to access is either offline or is not available.Google cache keep cached webpages and let users to use it.While you are on a page, click the address bar, type cache: before the URL and hit Enter. You’ll be taken straight to the Google Cache, if there’s one.

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These were the most handy and useful and best google chrome tips.

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