A new trend has started after 360 degree photo started to roll on Facebook.These 360 degree photo puts some one in virtual reality.It uses the gyroscope of the device to move the photo according to the movement of the device.Sharing those panoramic photo’s on Facebook was not possible until now.Facebook has just enabled the support for 360 degree photo;offering great fun and interesting way to capture landscapes and scenery.You must be thinking how?  Your smartphone can do it for you.So,Let’s find out.

First of all you need a android smartphone.Find a amazing location to shoot and you are ready to go!!!

1.Download the Cardboard Camera App from Google PlayStore.



2.Open the app and click on the orange camera shutter button.




3.Move the camera along the direction of the arrow.When done press the tick button.



4.Click on three dots in the top right corner and click on view in gallery.



5.From Gallery you can share it on Facebook.



Finally its done!!

Go and check it yourself!!!

Stay Tuned for more Updates!!!