5 Reasons Why a Long Distance Relationship Requires Extra Effort

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Many of you are here to get and idea of what problems do one face when in an long distance relationship or you are here to find out what went wrong in your long distance relationship.Quite a lot of people fall in love with persons who are far away from them but in the course of time they built some inseparable relationship.But in few cases this don’t work well with few out there.Sometime this ends up in a mess.Here are 5 Reasons Why a Long Distance Relationship Requires Extra Effort.

1.Unable to spend quality time together:If you want your relationship to pass the test of time,then both of you must spend quality time with each other.Share every bit with each other,sharing will help to build a better love bond with each other.But a long distance relationship never permits this,you only got Call,Skype,Facebook,Whatsapp to your rescue.Try to give them a surprise visit to keep your relationship healthy.

2.Unsure of future together:Pretty much this happens with every long distance relationship.They cannot figure out whether they may stay together or they should separate.This happens mainly of lack of communication between couples.They may change their mind,because everyone has their own taste and preference.Be open and clear to your partner is the best you can do.

3. Time lag in communication:Couples often miss their call or message.Even after calling repeatedly if they do not respond,we get tensed if everything is fine or not.If you are office goer then you have to synchronize  according to that.There are many times when lag in communication may give birth to unnecessary questions.So, put an extra effort with each other or agreeing upon a common time to talk without fail.

4.Breach of trust:Is she dating someone?Do he like someone else? Common questions right.There is a chance that the other person is cheating on you,as you cannot visit him/her frequently and has came to know about her affair long time.So,ensure you share a good bonding  of trust with each other and further strengthen it by trusting on each other.

5.Lack of communication:You are too tired to make a call and you just dropped a message that “I talk to you tomorrow”,this gives a huge disappointment to him/her who was expecting a call from you.You need to make a call to talk and share feelings.Always prefer to make video calls to see their expressions and to reduce the communication gap.

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