5 Tricks To Avoid Awkward Silence On Your First Date!

Many a times we find ourselves in a situation of awkward silence while on a date.Few questions pops up in our mind but we turn them down.Try to be focused on each other and keep distractions away.The first impression lasts long,so try to make the best possible use of it.To escape the situation of awkward silence ,here are the top 5 tipsĀ  on your first date.

1.Ask him/her to share their experience,rather than asking questions:If you start a conversation with a lot of questions, the person sitting opposite to you may dislike it.It is always better to start with introducing each other and start talking to each other.Keep yourself cam and composed.Do not show much desperation,ask sensible questions.

2.Analyze the person and situation:Before taking the talks further try to analyze the person if he/she is comfortable by the way things are going on.Else try to change the topic.Try to be comforting and caring with your words.If he/she is extrovert,things will become easier for you.If he/she is an introvert ,you need to think before speaking.

3.Be a good listener:If you want a good and healthy relationship,the golden rule is to let other person speak.Try to show your interest and engagement in their stories.Don’t try to cross talk them and avoid any possibility of a debate.Listen and then carry on the conversation.

4.Ask about achievements:When you speechless,ask them about their achievements.People loves to talk about themselves.Undoubtedly they will have something to say,maybe about career ,aspirations, horrible bosses,dream, and so on.

5.Skip the negativity:Sometimes people talk a lot negative about their dislikes.This creates a dilemma in mind of other,and this causes your date to get ruined completely.Talk about the good happenings around you.Keep talking about the positives and carry on your conversation.

I hope these helps you to make your date a perfect one.If you want us to add any thing,do drop your valuables comments.

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