Remember Strong Password | A Safety Guide

Remember strong password can be a headache for many of us.Many a times we get worried when it shows “Weak Password” while setting new credentials for social media logins and even for email ids too.We all have tough time to create a strong password and to remember them.More complex  passwords you select it gets harder to remember.Even the more harder part is to recollect the password at proper time.Here we will share the most efficient  7 secret and evergreen tips and tricks to create and to  remember strong password.

Remember strong password
Remember strong password

Here is top 7 Simple Tips For Creating And to Remember Strong Password:

  1. Create alphanumeric passwords.Use combined upper case and lower case alphabets and numbers together along with some special characters.For example- [email protected] or IndianGyaan_99.
  2. Avoid using your name,date of birth,your vehicle registration number,pet’s name.Not even anyone from your family.These are found to be the weakest passwords wherever the above mentioned cases are used.
  3. Do not use dictionary words;they are easy to crack.
  4. Try to use different passwords for every websites you visit.Keeping same password may get you in some serious trouble.If any one can crack your password once,they will eventually get access to your all your online accounts.
  5. Do not use the word “password” for your password. It’s terribly weak and can be hacked in no time. Also, do not use letters or numbers in series like “abcdefghi” or “123456789”
  6. Try to keep some phrase as your password.As the word count will be more,it will be difficult to get your password.But do not keep chanting that phrase  often. 😛
  7.  Download Everywhere 7 to save all your passwords in one database. So, now you have to remember only one password to unlock this application and get access to all your passwords.

The Most Common Passwords Used in 2015:

Remember strong password
Remember strong password.

Is your password is on list? Now it’s time to be safe and assured.


Keep all the tips and tricks in mind  discussed above and leave no  room for password blunders.



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