what is Amazon courtesy credit [detailed explanation]

Are you a regular client of Amazon shopping site? Amazon Courtesy Credit balance, which is an account-specific credit which gets applied to your account once a while, and you would undoubtedly be curious about it.

The Amazon Courtesy Credit seems to be an optional tool used by the company for different types of reasons. Sometimes it’s a credit in response to disappointment, poor service, as an inducement, as compensation you or something completely different. You may be notified of the credit via email, or it may appear on your account without notifying you at all. There seems to be no hard and fast rule.

amazon courtesy credit

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Amazon Courtesy Credit is a discretional structure used by the e-commerce titan Amazon. It can be issued to an account as a response to poor service by the company, any complaint resolution, as a compensation etc.

Sometime, you may receive an email notification informing you about the courtesy credit in your Amazon account. However, in some cases, it just gets added to your account with no prior intimation at all.

Not everyone gets such an email, and sometimes you will see ‘credit applied’ once you’re past checkout. If you buy something fulfilled by Amazon and have credit anywhere on your account, it will be used up there. If you buy something from a marketplace seller, any credits you have will not be applied. If you purchase anything that sold by Amazon, it will.

An Amazon Courtesy Credit is treated differently to a gift card or promo code so you cannot combine the two. It’s an entirely separate way. I think it is also automatically applied to purchases at or after checkout. I don’t believe you can choose when and where to use it or only on buy directly from Amazon and not a marketplace seller.

Some users received Courtesy Credit balance for a late delivery, and some others got it for delays. Sometimes it occurred at a time placing an order or as a way to calm the customer’s disappointment.

There is a difference between Amazon courtesy credit and Amazon Gift Card or Amazon Promotional balance. The courtesy credit and the gift card or promotional credit may not combine and apply to the same order, but in some cases, they do work in tandem.

T his credit is entirely at Amazon’s inside policies and preferences.

How to Get Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance?

amazon creditsAmazon courtesy credit is a discretionary tool, and it isn’t readily available to everyone.

If you have placed order of product to gift someone with gift wrapping and if you receive without a wrap or you have a poor experience with the customer care team , then you are also eligible for receiving the Courtesy Credit on Amazon however it is a particular rule as when the Amazon courtesy credit is assumed to be given out, and it totally depends on the customer care agent that you get allotted or to the one who is handling your issue.

Usually, Customers amazon credits $5 or $10 or $20 Amazon courtesy credit to account if their delivery is way past the due date and depends on the severity of the delay a courtesy credit is given out.

What Can I Use Amazon Courtesy Credit On?

Amazon courtesy credit for mostly any product only on Amazon, products which are sold and fulfilled by other third parties may not be eligible to use Amazon courtesy credit. Any product that sold by Amazon should be only eligible for courtesy credit.

How to Check My Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance?

You can check it in your account or in the balance tab. Courtesy credit is not visible sometimes but gets applied automatically while checkout. Some people are also able to check it from this page but since I didn’t have any I found a blank error page.

Is the Amazon Gift Card and Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance Same?

No, both of them are different however they act pretty much the same way and give you a discount on the final price. You can’t exchange Amazon courtesy credit for an Amazon Gift card or Amazon promotional balance though.

What’s the Variation between Amazon Courtesy Credit and Amazon Promotional Credit?

Amazon Promotional credit is applicable only on certain products which are part of the ongoing promotion whereas the Amazon courtesy credit can be applied to any product that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon including digital products like Kindle ebooks and Music.

Does Amazon Courtesy Credit Expire?

Technically the Courtesy Credit Shouldn’t expire however in some cases, it has expired. It is best to use the Amazon courtesy credit at the earliest and if not then at least within 1 year of getting it.


Does Amazon Courtesy Credit ever expire?

Ans: They do expire. I received some courtesy credits about a month ago and customer service told me that they expire December 2020.


Hope this Amazon customer care guidance helped you in learning everything that needs to know about courtesy credit on Amazon. If you still have any issues or suggestions regarding Amazon courtesy credit balance, Amazon promotional credit, or Amazon gift card then we are available for help any time.

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