watch anime online: Today Anime series became trending and incredibly famous across the world now. If I  take a look, there are more and more people who love anime and also love to watch anime besides everything else.

It always makes me wonder why are anime growing so much demand all around the world. Some of the anime fans also have a getup of their favourite anime character. The anime streaming sites that let the viewers watch different types of anime series, and when we talk about anime sites, One of the best Anime to watch is KissAnime.

Here are most viewed Anime Streaming Sites list which are One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titans, One Punch Man and more and most of them are advertised on KissAnime.

Further, the most popular anime videos are streamed in HD quality this website, and watchers can download an episode of anime so it can be watched offline. KissAnime is a free anime website, and it also contains video ads that you need to quit whenever you play anime videos. So we are going to show you the best KissAnime alternatives that can stream the most frequent watched anime series below.

anime streaming sites

1. AnimeLab

  • Using your mobile device, quickly access and watch the website with AnimeLab. It is one of the sites that have a variety of Anime. For it can be used on different types of browsers from the other kind of device platforms.
  • Not only mobile devices and computers but User can also access them on your google chrome cast, Xbox One, Amazon Fire Tv stick, PlayStation, Samsung TV, Apple TV,  Apple airplay and Foxtel Now box. Madman Entertainment developed this site in East Melbourne Australia.
  • Just like other open sites, the videos you can view will only be limited, unlike when you register for a premium account. User can also check Premium version pop up if you need to update to watch a specific video.
  • This site does not drag on various websites for you. Alternatively, they have direct access from Japan through partnership. It means you can pleasantly watch plus without being bugged by annoying ads that pop everywhere.


  • Crunchyroll is a legal anime website that has organised the best of the anime collection and is available in most of the countries. Crunchyroll gives premium services where a few anime videos can be accessed for free and for more videos Subscription to the premium version is required.
  • It guarantees to keep updating you with new anime updates initiating almost every hour or a day, and you will not miss out the latest episode. User can access it from most of the countries in the world.
  • This site provides English dubbed/subtitle and to assist the non-native speaker of the language in learning the story. Even the quality of the video is in 720p for a pleasant viewing experience.

3. anime heaven

  • Animeheaven is Offering a premium version for viewing experience AnimeSeason. There is no place for annoying advertisement while anime series are nicely arranged within categories.
  • Popular series they have are One Piece, Naruto Hunter and X Hunter. This site provides a download option that can download whatever user want from this website. You can’t only enjoy anime series online but also can download them to your local files.
  • It has provided many anime series for many people since last ten years. The homepage of the website is merely showing the new one released an episode of the latest anime series. There is also the option of filter buttons to sort out preferred anime movies and series.
  • The site also has animes and cartoons in their library with the newest instalments. It is heaven for anime lovers. AnimeHeaven provides scheduled anime updates to look out for, That is why you will be sure not to miss the next episode update.


  • If you are looking for a different anime series with genres from drama to action. This website has a clear interface with a long list of anime series. The site has a plain and straightforward homepage that is easy to navigate, without the usual advertisements.
  • Of cause, dubbed anime version is provided, which is friendly to those who cannot understand Japanese very well. But downloading is impossible.
  • It is on its early stage and not visited by anime viewers. By this site is a safe place to watch anime, because there are no annoying advertisements, and the buffer speed is entirely satisfactory. This site provides various video resolution to choose from, which is reliable enough for anime experience.
  • The site is still free to use. Also, if you find sites that turn the adblocker off, then this site is not recommended. Because it has a clean homepage and user will get regular episode updates almost every hours or day, it is released in Japan.


  • Hulu is another anime website that receives numbers of useful comment. It is an American subscription video-on-demand service. It has a vast collection of anime films as well as series.
  • The only issue is that Hulu is not yet available in all parts of the world. Hulu is released only to users in Japan and the U.S and its abroad territories.
  • You may view Hulu out of the US by using VPN services. If you want high-quality clips and a wide range of collection anime films or series.

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6. anime

  • Anime Freak’s home page has the Japanese style, very bright and colourful. Additionally, exclusive contents that can’t be found on another website can be found here.
  • Anime Freak maybe not among the superior contenders for its unorganised website and plenty of ads. You can find the newest episodes of the anime title of your choice. Exclusive anime, which aren’t usually available on other sites, can be streamed over this website absolutely for free.

7. Go GoAnime. io

  • GoGoAnime is the most popular anime sites to watch anime online. It is popular due to its diversified content across the genre. GoGoAnime is available worldwide. Moreover, it is a well-organised website for anime fans featuring tons of collection from Manga series to anime films.
  • User will have the excellent watching experience, including available cartoon clips and dubbed episodes in English. User can stream all the anime series and movies that are in the Japanese language with English subtitles.
  • GoGoAnime also has an app where you can stream anime, and you can find it on AppStore and google play store as well.

8. Animal planet

  • Anime-Planet is also a heaven for Anime lovers out there. This site has built its reputation since it has been running for quite some time now. Here, the user can discover Anime, Manga, Charts, and reviews of the series you wanted to watch.
  • This site is so excellent that fans developed the website and assigned for other Anime fans out there. It is also a community where you can connect people. So it is best to join an account before using the website. This way, you can follow and connect people who share the same attention as you.

9. Anime Frenzy

  • AnimeFrenzy is the same site as Kissanime that provides a wide choice of anime series. The site also has American cartoon movies and series in its library, which makes it versatile. Like other anime websites, it has updated latest anime series, and the database is updated day by day. The contents are also well built for faster sorting, and the home page is clear of offensive materials.
  • While watching, you can interact with other Anime lovers whoa re-playing the same series on the page using the chatroom. The chatroom is placed on the right side of the video.
  • The Play Store, an android app of this site is downloadable from, With its excellent content, the site is sure to be a bestseller with many anime lovers.  While watching, you can interact with other Anime lovers whoa re-playing the same movies and series on the page using the chatroom. The chatroom is located on the side of the video being played.


  • Chia-Anime offers free anime streaming and has a massive selection of movies, series and videos. Anime series that can be found here are dubbed and have subtitles in English.
  • has to obtain fans is the update rate of series is super fast,  it’s the most significant advantage. The speed of update is ten times faster than other sites, and you can download the series on this site.
  • That is why this site famous with foreigners who can’t chat Japanese. This site is suitable for all generations. Also, the site is run by ads.