The Best Indian Food Dishes One Must Taste

India is a vibrant country, having excellent cultural diversity. The country has been known for its diversities in almost everything. Thus, when it comes to Indian cuisines you would find a lot of delicious foods or dishes. Every Indian state has its own speciality foods or dishes in offering for the foodies across the world. Some people say that Indian foods are generally oily as well as spicy. In reality, Indian dishes can be lesser oily as well as lesser spicy too. A lot of variants are there of different popular food items. So, if you are planning for a visit at the Indian restaurant, here are some of the dishes that you must try.

  1. Palak Paneer

This is another speciality of Punjab province of India. Like butter chicken, this dish has become famous throughout the world for its exquisite taste and flavours. The dish is a delight for vegetarians across the world. It is prepared with two key ingredients and they are Palak or spinach and Paneer or cottage cheese. Perfect mix of these two things along with some other ingredients will provide divine happiness to your taste buds. Traditionally, this dish should be eaten with Indian bread. You can also try it with fresh and steamed Basmati rice.

  1. Butter Chicken

This is the most popular Indian dish throughout the world. Butter chick has turned famous in Europe for many reasons. First of all, the gravy of this dish is lesser spicy, as well as delicious. As the name suggests, the dish is a little oily. It requires a lot of butter to be added for enhancing the taste. Butter chicken has been known in some other names as well at different places. Some people also call it ‘Makhni Chicken’. Basically, it is a dish that was invented in the Punjab province of India. From Punjab, the dish has travelled all over the world and become highly popular. If you want to taste the flavor of Indian cuisines, butter chicken is the recipe to start with. Barbecued chicken pieces are added in creamy gravy to prepare the tasty as well as finger licking butter chicken. Find Box8 Coupons and order butter chicken online to taste this beautiful dish right at your home.

  1. Biryani

Biriyani is a north India dish though it is now famous in all places in India. The dish has even gained global recognition in recent times. Prepared with chicken or mutton mixed with Basmati rice, the flavours of this dish is unforgettable. Different versions of Biriyani can be found. For example, there is Lucknow Biriyani, Hyderabadi Biriyani, Kolkata style Biriyani and much more.

  1. Daal Gosht (Lentil Mutton)

Lentil has been considered a staple food for Indians. They use to eat lentil soup along with steamed rice. However, lentil has been generally known to be eaten as the vegetarian dish. Combination of lentil and mutton is unique in that way, but this dish can be finger licking good. Lentil mutton needs to be prepared in unique style. It can be eaten with traditional Indian bread.

  1. Idli and Dosa

These two items should preferably be eaten at breakfast. Idli has been known as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Dosa is also delicious in terms of taste.These two dishes express the essence of Southern part of India. Both Idli and Dosa are associated with Sambar (lentil soup) and Chatni (mix of Coconut puree and curry leaves). These two traditional dishes have acquired their own unique revamped versions. You can find fried Idli and different versions of dosa at various joints having a speciality in preparing South Indian foods.

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