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ios apps for 2017

“There’s an app for that”, you must have heard that a number of times, right? Certainly, mobile apps have taken a lead in almost every category, be it utilities, productivity, gaming, entertainment, lifestyle, social networking, or news etc. It is so true that there is an app for everything. There are a plethora of mobile apps available throughout the world. For example: If you want to go out for a vacation and want an instant booking, then for this purpose alone there are also various mobile apps available by which you can plan a whole vacation, from the vacation destination to booking your flight to reserving a restaurant for dinner in a few clicks.

Smartphones and other mobile devices are responsible for the rise in latest fields with a creation of better opportunities in the world right now.

Most of us think that developing an iOS app is a way to more expensiveness but, in our view, this is not true because there are several iOS apps which are cost-free and also provides maximum support to us.

Meanwhile. we are unable to deny the fact that, iPhone are popular nowadays and as a Mobile App Development Company you cannot afford to skip creating an iOS version of your app to stand alongside with competitive market. iOS is an operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc. It is the second most popular mobile operating system after Android. Apple’s App Store contains more than 2.2 million iOS applications, 1 million of which are native for iPads. These apps have collectively been downloaded more than 1.3 billion times.

Many iOS Application development companies in India have brought numerous top and free iOS apps of various categories such as Reading, Music & Entertainment apps, Travel apps, Sports apps, Web apps, News & reference apps, and Finance apps etc. to comfy their users.

Check out the list of some best and most popular iOS app below

  1. Social apps
  2. Photo and video apps
  3. Work, office, business and productivity apps
  4. Shopping apps

Social apps

social media apps

Facebook: The extreme popularity and usage of the Facebook app is well known to us. Facebook is a free social media and social networking app which allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos, and videos, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues.

Messenger: This is an app introduced by Facebook in 2011. It is an instant messaging service and software application integrated with Facebook that simply allows you to send and receive messages by an app, rather than via the browser.

Skype: It is a frequent messaging app that facilitates us with online text messages and video chat services. Users may easily exchange digital documents, such as images, text, and videos via the Skype app.

WhatsApp Messenger: “It is one of the most popular messaging app, now owned by Facebook”, that allows people to send messages, videos, gifs and audio files via your phone itself without spending a single rupee. WhatsApp is a very simple to use and a habit-altering app for us

There App: This is an app which allows posting something from their location. The basis of this app is to show updates at different locations. It includes current weather updates at a location by pulling location from GPS and weather from the person’s phone.

Photo and video apps

photo and video app

Adobe Photoshop Express: It is an iOS app which was first launched in 2009 as a free version of Adobe Photoshop image editing software. Its limits of the palette of features were expanded with the second and third versions.

Dubsmash: If you want to create funny mimicry videos of the most popular internet videos/movies then, this is the correct app for you. It has also been developed for Android.

Flickr: If you want to upload your fantastic photos then, this is the best app for uploading numerous and professional pictures instantly.

Instagram: Instagram is an app which enables us to upload photos and edit them within the app, editing photos is very simple; existing photos can be selected from your photo, roll, or you can capture a new image within the app itself. This is an app which is basically used by various people in present time. In this, you can lip sync a famous song that makes fun, with pointless hand gestures to give your songs some more flavor.

Work, office, business and productivity apps

office app

Adobe Acrobat Reader: In your iPhone device you have already been able to view and synchronize your PDF and documents via Safari and iBooks but if you want an extra bit of functionality then, for that you should opt for Adobe Acrobat Reader app. It is an app which lets us understand the proper meaning of any word or sentence in the easiest and comprehensive manner.

Microsoft PowerPoint: It is an app which is used by all around the globe to view and edit presentations, and is also available on your iPhone.

Microsoft Word: It is a word processor developed by Microsoft. You will be able to view documents via this app. If you want to edit or create them you will need an office 365 subscription.

XE Currency: This is an app which has the capability to convert money on the fly, using the latest exchange rate.

Shopping apps

shopping mobile app

Amazon Mobile: This is an ultimate app for shopping lovers as it provides exactly what you’d expect i.e. search engine for products, read product reviews, compare prices, track packages, view and cancel orders and buy stuff you need.

eBay: The rule of online auctions is that you should constantly be connected. If you are unable to connect perennially or you are away from your computer for a while, then you will not able to bid on the desired item last minute. Thanks to eBay an iOS app which will let you do just about anything eBay full website does.

Just Eat: In every day, at some point everyone is hungry. Just eat is an app that allows you to eat well by letting you order food from local restaurants. This app also provides you for ordering food from the choice of over 20000 restaurants.

Moneybox: This is an app which connects to your bank account, where upon your purchases start to appear in the app listings. You have to swipe left to ignore any purchase, or swipe right to round it up to the nearest round number, usually adding around 20p to the cost.

Gum tree: This is the local shopping app which connects you with local sellers and buyers. The Gumtree account will let you sell and buy. You can still browse the app without having an account.


We hope you like the superb list of iOS apps compiled in this blog post and also be aware of the spacious need and importance of mobile apps to make our lives more simple and convenient.

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