Top 7 Golden Rules for Board Exam Preparation | IndianGyaan

The exam season is just around the corner. Every student wants to score high marks. Almost all of them follow a basic routine for board exam preparation study. Maximizing one potential in the exam hall is necessary. Definitely everyone wants to have a decent exam. For this many take different measures for board exam preparation.

Tired student having a lot to read

So what is important basic do’s and don’ts during Board Exam Preparation:

  1. The syllabus is quite large and some topics are better prepared than the rest. What one can do is prepare a list of topics that r confusing or need more time to revise. Make sure that none of the topics is left out. Also the topics that are most likely to be forgotten should also be marked.
  2. Students often study long for long hours. This should be avoided and small breaks should be taken at regular intervals, say an hour or so. During these breaks one can relax or stretch or even meditate.
  3. Maintain a fixed and regular sleeping patter. The most ideal is between 10 pm to 3 pm as this is the best time to recharge the brain cells that has been used throughout the day. Do go for late night study. Or brain is tired from all days work and will have the minimum retention ability. Studying in the morning is the best option a it provides the best environment and our brain has the maximum retention ability.
  4. Sometimes reading out loud can also help memorise as opposed to silent reading. It enables us to retain almost 70 %.
  5. Many use caffeine to stay awake for long hours. This may not be the best choice as caffeine is more harmful then it is useful. It reduces our ability to grasp quickly and hence not good while studying.
  6. Also use of social media must be limited as these tire our brain more than daily normal activity. Social media may be important for many reasons but these certainly are not as important as the forthcoming exams. Watching films, television, long calls and chatting should also be avoided as much as possible unless it is extremely necessary.
  7. Do not go to sleep immediately after studying. Relax for around 15 to 20 minutes then go to bed.  During this time, try to organise your thoughts and relax.

Most importantly have confidence in yourself during Board Exam Preparation and always reaffirm yourself that you will do well instead of harbouring negative thoughts. Always remember if the question paper is hard then it is hard for everyone not only for you, so do not panic and every answer will come back to you. All the best for the exams!