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How To Make Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive?

Hello readers today we will take a look on one of the most searched topic on “How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive?”

This post will be a step by step guide to the process.But before proceeding ahead let’s understand this question “What is a Bootable USB?”

This process is same for creating bootable USB flash drive for Windows 7 & Windows 8.1.

“What acually is a bootable USB?”

It is a USB device(hardware) programmed to install a copy of Windows on a computer.The OS file is written in the USB flash drive and it is ready to used as a bootable device as we all use CDs or DVDs for installing a new operating system.This process is most useful for Laptop or Desktop PCs which do not have DVD drive or is not working.

There are lot of complicated methods available on internet on ” How To Make A Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive?”. Most of them are using Command Promt(CMD). Seriously it is difficult to understand for a not-so-technical person.So,we have a solution for you.What if you can do this task of “Creating Windows 10 Bootable USB” in only few clicks.

Basic Requirement For This Task:

1.Windows 10 ISO(image file).

2.A minimum of 4GB of pendrive.It is better to use 8 GB.

3.Download Rufus USB Software from here.[DOWNLOAD LINK]

Rufus-USB                                                                                            Rufus-USB Main Menu

How To Create Windows 10 Bootable USB?

First(I):Download copy of Windows from Microsoft.

Second(II):Run Rufus and select your USB device from the drop-down menu.

RUfus-USBThird(III):Click on the Small “CD icon”.

Rufus-USB Fourth(IV):Browse the ISO file and click open.


Fifth(V):Click On Start

47It will take some time to complete the process.Once completed it is safe to eject the USB pendrive.

How To Use Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive?

Entering the BIOS setting

1. Get ready to act quickly:

–Start the computer before the BIOS skips to  Windows. You have to be quick to perform the action.

2. Boot (or restart) the PC: Look for a message that indicates which key you need to press in order to access the BIOS.

–A Function key ( F1, F2, or F3)

–The Esc key

–The Delete key

3.Set USB Drive as First Boot Device

–Save the BIOS setting by pressing F10.

This will complete the process.After this your Windows will start installing.

I hope this article has cleared your doubt on “How To Make Windows 10 Bootable USB Pendrive?”.Do drop your valuable comments down.


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