Top 10 Fastest Internet Browser List of 2021

Fastest Internet Browser: The perfect web browser can make a massive difference to your everyday browsing, whether your priority is the faster performance, better security, or more versatility through downloadable extensions.

Web Browsers are software applications that are used to obtain any website. By choosing the proper web browser can increase the internet experience to the users. 

Fastest Internet Browser

In this generation of internet browsing, Google Chrome might be at the top, but other popular browsers are also available in the market. In this post, we are here to presenting you with the Top 10 fastest internet browser list of 2019 by which you can easily pick the option you favor most for browsing the internet. 

Internet users’ graph is going up, and so does the chances of attack by malware, spammers, and other phishing and doubtful activities, are growing. 

Therefore, it is necessary to use a reliable and protected web browser to safeguard your digital credentials like

  • passwords
  • security codes
  • tracking information
  • personal information, and many more.

Before seeming at how popular your favored web browser in the world, it may interest you to know that how Wikipedia explained a Web browser and a little past of Web browsers.


A Web browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the (WWW) World Wide Web. An information resource is classified by a (URL)Uniform Resource Identifier and maybe a web page, image, video, or other parts of the content. Hyperlinks present in resources allow users easily to navigate their browsers to related resources.

Web Browser is known as a PC application that allows the user to connect with the internet to access web pages, videos, photographs, or other information. 

List of Top 10 fastest internet browser

1.Google Chrome

fastest internet browser list

Google Chrome browser is the best fastest internet browser list and most widely used web browser since 2008 its launch, The browser built by the search engine head Google, since its beginning, Chrome is at the top of the game.  A web browser is being popular day by day.

It is also the most famous web browsers by statistics. Because of its unique features, including simplicity, security, performance, and speed, this browser is holding the first place between the fastest internet browser list. It’s an open-source project, Chromium.

It also enables you to sync browser data with all your devices using your Google account. Another strong feature of this browser is that it supports Chrome Extensions, from its store anyone can search and add an extension for anything which can be done on the internet.

Google Chrome is supported on all kinds of operating systems, including Android, Windows, and iOS. So users can use it on every device, either PC or mobile.

2.Internet Explorerfastest internet browser list

Best and fastest internet browser list can’t be completed without mentioning the  Internet Explorer, the iconic browser, most likely to be utilized by every one of us,  Microsoft initially launched in 1995. It is also listed as IE or MSIE. Internet Explorer was launched before Chrome and Firefox browsers arrived. It was one of the most widely utilized web browsers, therefore, it comes in the fastest internet browser list.  Millions of users are using it because of the application compatibility and control of the operating system. It allows all the required security and privacy-related functions. It is not a very fast and compatible browser but serves the purpose. In January 2015, Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows 10. But is still installed in Windows 10 with its security and malware protection features.

3.Microsoft edge

fastest internet browser list

Microsoft Edge is now available as the default web browser for new PCs and laptops. It is the second-largest and most popularly used internet browser in the world. It comes in the fastest internet browser list with an upgraded version of Internet Explorer. It has much better functionalities than internet explorer.

Microsoft has launched the Edge browser, which had the late compatibility of Internet Explorer with the earlier version of Windows 10. Since then, Edge got many updates and new features with a high-level user interface for touch screen devices that’s. the reason why Microsoft edge comes in the fastest internet browser list The Edge browser is comparably fast and occupies fewer resources.

Microsoft Edge has powerful and lightweight features that make it more user-friendly for internet browsing. Some of the best highlights of Microsoft edge include Cortana, and smart browsing options make it more substantial.

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4.Mozilla Firefox

fastest internet browser list

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source internet browser and is popular with is more secure functionality. Mozilla is at the third most position of fastest internet browser list after Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Mozilla Firefox has come with all the latest features with newly added features for web application development, and that is the reason why it is the most demanded and fastest internet browser list for developers.

This browser is available for platforms like Microsoft Windows, Android, Apple Mac OS, and Linux gadgets therefore it comes in the fastest internet browser list.

The latest version of Firefox appears with many features including 

  • customizable interface
  • Advert blockers
  • information autofill
  • social media sharing widgets 
  • A wide range of extensions and plugins.

Launch Firefox Quantum came with two times active than before due to its insane powerful browser. Firefox Quantum also carries privacy very seriously. It has also included the most powerful private browsing mode with added tracking security. Also, the user can customize Firefox with many extensions as per your necessity.

The latest version of the Firefox browser for desktop is Firefox Quantum is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s android equivalent called Firefox, which is a full scale, lightning-fast browse without any accommodation. The same mobile version is also available for iOS.

Firefox is comes in Focus is another privacy-focused mobile web browser from Mozilla. Firefox comes in the fastest internet browser list with having features like Automated ad blocking and tracking protection by default.


fastest internet browser list

Mac and iOS devices have a default web browser named SAFARI. Apple Inc has developed a Safari browser and it can be downloaded from its developer “Apple” website. Safari web browser is only available for Apple ios devices not for Windows. Safari comes in the fastest internet browser list With lots of modern features, it is the fourth largest most widely used web browser.

 The most demanded features are included

  • fast and secure browsing
  • pop-up blocking
  • tabbed browsing.


fastest internet browser list

Before Chrome, Opera was a favored choice between users. Opera is really one of the fastest internet browser list more under-rated browsers around. It’s based on the same core technologies as Chrome which means it can operate many Chrome extensions there’s even an extension for installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

The Opera browser is one of the oldest web browsers which was established in 1995. This browser is much proper for slow internet connection users that’s while it comes in the fastest internet browser list. Running on the Google Chromium system, the Opera browser is the quick and safe way of browsing the internet. Features such as sync bookmarks, built-in BitTorrent protocol, builtin webpage accelerator gives it more reliable for internet browsing.

  • Best Turbo mode
  • Integrated ad-blocker
  • Fewer plugins than others

It’s sad that Opera makes up a position only around 1% of the browser market because it really is a quality browser. It builds fast, the UI is brilliantly clean, and it does everything better.

7.Vivaldi Browser

fastest internet browser list


Vivaldi is an open-source web browser, and it was officially released on April 2016. It comes in fastest internet browser list because of its minimalistic user interface, this browser enables users to customize the theme, start bar, background color, and tab positioning, etc. It also holds mouse appearances features for the users who prefer to use a large number of tabs at the equal time.

Vivaldi is made on Chromium, which means you can develop it even additional with extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Just select your favored plugin and click ‘Add to Chrome.’ Some extensions might work slightly differently in Vivaldi, but most work correctly.

Vivaldi is an extraordinary and productive take on web browsing, and one to watch in the next some years as more functionalities are added therefore it comes in fastest internet browser list.

  • Incredibly customizable
  • Productive interface features

8.Maxthon Browser

fastest internet browser list


Maxthon Browser is a robust browser that allows a speedy user background. The Beijing based company Maxthon Ltd developed it. User can use it for every type of Mobile and PC’s with it’s primary and smooth functionality. IT comes in the fastest internet browser list with having feature drag and drop image works very well, and anyone can transfer images to your phone or email address just in some clicks.  Built-in adblocker, reader mode, and screen capture tool are included. This browser is supported on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

9.Torch Internet Browser

fastest internet browser list

Torch Media Inc. developed this Torch Browser in June 2012 which is a chromium-based internet browser. downloading torrent files and social media sharing is the best thing on this browser. Easily shareable sites, audio, and videos with your social accounts. Torch browser comes in fastest internet browser list because it has all unique functionality including streaming music, Flash player, and media files.

10.Avant Browser

fastest internet browser list

Avant browser is safe and better software to surf the internet. This browser holds the last position in fastest internet browser list of top 10 internet browsers. It’s browsing speed is not as stable as compared to other internet browsers but it has many features including automatic updates, tabbed browsing,  RSS feeds, automatic updates, password manager and on-page functions as well. You can give it a try if you want to do something complex with your browsing.

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