How Your Finger Shape Tells About Personality and Health Risks?

Did you know that your finger shape can actually tell about your personality and health risk?Yes,it is possible to tell by just looking at your finger shape.Recently this is getting extremely popular among everyone.Most of the people has admitted that most of the predictions were absolutely correct.There are broadly three types of finger shape as shown  in the graphic below


1.Type A Finger Shape,Here’s what’s typical of your personality:
  • They are not afraid of taking up new jobs.They can do variety of work despite having no interest in them.
  • Some people think of them as arrogant,eccentric and selfish.They are very helpful and generous.
  • They portray themselves as strong and cool,but are very soft from inside.They are very good at hiding heir feelings.
  • Hypocrisy,Lies,Deception are the are the things which they avoid from the bottom of their heart.
  • This type of people try to hide their true feelings from.They can convince others that they are far more stronger and independent than they actually are.
  • Type A Finger Shaped people are very kind and emotional by heart.They treat people with great kindness and respect once them know them well.
  • They are over emotional towards the ones they love.They are very caring and protective


2.Type B Finger Shape,Here’s what’s typical of personality trait:
  • Type B people are shy in nature.They do not approach people from their own.They open up with them once they are completely free with them.
  • They are extremely loyal and hard working .They are known to devote themselves completely toward ones they love.
  • These kind of people are very resolute and once they decide to do anything,they just do it.They are very hard-working and they eventually succeed in the work they take up.
  • They have a brilliant self-control to keep themselves calm in extreme situations.They are afraid of having their feeling hurt.They keep themselves composed and calm.
  • They are a day dreamer,they dream of the one they will love.They hope to find a person that will love, understand and satisfy them in any possible way.
  • They portray themselves as successful and strong and independent individuals that know how to speak harshly.


3.Type C Finger Shape,Here’s what your personality consists of:


  • They get easily touched by others.They are soft and generous people.
  • They easily let things go,without bothering them or getting angry.So they often forget about them altogether.
  • They have a great respect for others and respect opinions of others.
  • These people don’t like unfamiliar things,they remain comfortable with the things or people they know.
  • They are very secretive,thus try to keep their issues ,happiness with them only,do not think of bothering others.
  • Type C  finger shape are also very kind people. Therefore, they will accept a apology without having second thoughts.They have a very big heart.

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