New technology arrives generations by generations and people are habituated of that, so people have started dating on the web, and many platforms that connect people. One of those apps is “TINDER“.

This dating service “TINDER” is most widely known for being an app, but it’s also available online. Tinder has a feature that users swipe on other user profiles: left to pass and right if you’re interested. The app widely popularised the term “swiping” about choosing the mate on the web like options. Tinder is one of the most popular applications people use to find a partner.

Funny Tinder Bios For Males

You know what, Boys always try to impress females via funny ways. Remember, the First impression is the last. Funny Bios is a way to make a good impression. Each boy wants to grab the attention of a girl and try a lot to make her impress, so they catch funny things to make her impress. Here are the best Funny Tinder Bios For Males.

 Before we are getting a touch in that, let’s look at why it’s essential for you even to have a tinder bio, funny or not.

In this article, I quickly touched on why it’s essential to include any sort of bio for your tinder profile, mainly if you are a boy. But to cut precisely to the point, you will get more matches if you have one. Simple as that. According to the study that compared the number of matches, a profile would get with a bio vs without one.

Funny Tinder Bio writings

So we now know that Tinder bio writings are needed. In my view, you would be stupid to not even include anything in bio. You would want to have the best Tinder bio as possible. At this point that crazy and funny tinder bios can be one of the proper ways to approach it. Let’s talk about funny tinder bios for guys.
  • These tinder bios are funny, but also they are smooth and not wholly overused.


1.Will make you laugh on purpose and by accident.

2. Me and my Netflix, we both are in a relationship.

3. My back, my neck and my Netflix and my snacks: It describes that you are chilling by web series.

4. I have an ability to play hot cross buns on three different instruments: it shows your musical talent.

5. So laid back, I need to lean forward.

6.In town for the week because I live here.

7. I turn things on for a living.

8. The Dog is my nephew.

9. Didn’t forward on some chain email, six years ago so now I am fucking cursed.