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Download Happy Chick Apk for Android Latest Version (July 2019 Edition)

Happy Chick Apk provides the seamless gaming experience for all mobile users irrespective of their operating system. The app is available for all mobile users and also PC users.

How to install Happy Chick latest version on Android for free?

Happy Chick is a free service and will cost absolutely Zero bucks to play games. Just download the App on your Android mobile and use the One Click setup feature. Here are the installation instructions.

  • Download Happy Chick Apk 2018.
  • The app will install automatically if you’ve already installed APK files before. If you are installing APK for the first time, you may receive ‘Installation blocked’ or ‘Unable to install’ error. Go to your Android Menu>Settings.
  • In Settings, search for the option ‘Allow installations from unknown sources’. Tick the box beside it. Now you can install APK files on your device without any errors.
  • Now, click on the downloaded APK file and setup Happy Chick.

Happy Chick Apk


Version Info –

App Name Happy Chick Apk
Last Updated June 16 2019
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 40,00,000+
App Size 56 mb
Developer KRAAAK Inc.


  1. Now share settings with your friends. The best feature for multiplayer games.
  2. PSP emulator upgraded to v0.9.9.1.
  3. More tips added for Gamepad controlling. Have more control over custom Gamepads.
  4. Option to rotate your screen to horizontal/vertical  overriding the default game setting.
  5. ONS emulator upgrade.


  1. Increased waiting time limit for joining rooms in multiplayer games.
  2. OTG and Audio connection added.
  3. More convenient backup options.
  4. N64, WSC simulators added.


  1. Repaired Chinese menus to show English menus.
  2. Change default keys to custom Gamepad settings.
  3. Change GAMESIR mark to original producer’s mark.

happy chick apk download

How to play games with Happy Chick on Android?

Playing console games on Android is very simple. Just follow the below steps and start playing games within few minutes.

Download Now

Install and open the Happy Chick App. Go through the setup process and create your account if required. Otherwise, skip to App homepage. On the homepage, you will see different categories that you can download games from.

1) Choose your favorite console and also check the games available on that console. After finding your required game, click on ‘Get/Download’. happy chick game emulator

Select Happy Chick game categories Choose a game to install from a wide range of categories.

2) Happy Chick automates game downloads from cloud to install directly. But if you get the below screen, search for download links manually by clicking on ‘Search for Download sources’.

Download snowbrow game for android Click on “Search for download links” and download game manually

3) After installing the game, select the Gamepad you want to use while playing the game. This will serve as the controller in game. To get free Gamepads, click on ‘Select GAMESIR’. To install custom gamepads, click on ‘Select other’. Latest Happy Chick App

Select GAMESIR gamepad controller or install custom controller

4) The game will load in a few seconds and you can start playing instantly using the Gamepad.

  • Metal Gear PPSSPP emulator on Happy chick.
  • Game screenshot from: Metal Gear PSSPP.
  • You’ve now completed the installation of 1 full game on your Happy Chick. You can install unlimited games depending on the storage of the device. As the app now supports OTG, you can play games directly on your Android from your External hard drive. If you’re installing on Windows PC, you will be already equipped with high storage drives. Turn your PC into Gaming machine and your mobile into a Mini Play Station.

How to use cheats in Happy Chick?

As all the games are being emulated as per their own console, all the games installed are protected versions. There are currently no working cheats registered for Happy Chick.

How to rotate the screen?

Happy Chick v1.2.9 supports both Horizontal and vertical gaming. You can set default screen angle from app settings and override the game settings. Follow these steps to rotate screen in Happy Chick.

  • To change the rotation automatically, go to your settings and turn on ‘Automatic Rotation’.
  • To keep playing in the same screen angle, open Happy Chick.
  • Go to settings page and select ‘Screen rotation’.
  • Change the default app angle to horizontal/vertical here. The screen will be fixed every time you use.

How to change Happy Chick to English?

The option to change language has been introduced with v1.2.7. If you are having lesser versions of Happy Chick , please update to the latest version (v1.2.9) to change language.

  • Many games have the option to change language in settings. So, you will not have problem in changing the language of the games.
  • If you are having trouble with Chinese language on app interface, go to settings.
  • In settings, change the preferred language to English.
  • This will ensure that most of the installed games are set to English.
  • If they aren’t set to English by default, change the language in game settings manually.

Activation Code-

Happy chick activation code –

All the installations from Happy Chick are automated. However depending on your device, Happy chick may ask a first time activation code. Follow the below steps if asked.

  • Go to and download the suitable file for your device.
  • After installing, go back to the download page in browser.
  • You will see your activation code there. Copy and paste it on App homepage.
  • Click on ‘submit’ and Happy chick will open after it verifies your device

Benefits –

  • As Happy Chick is power packed with features, here are some benefits of the advanced Game emulator. These benefits are applicable for Android, iOS, Windows PC and TV box.
  • Download thousands of console games directly from the app. This will make sure that you device is secure from external softwares.
  • Enjoy seamless gaming experience with advanced ROM usage to make your device run smoothly for advanced games.
  • No need of downloading extra console software to play games. All the games available are compatible with Happy Chick.
  • Now save storage by downloading only required games. Uninstall games after completion.
  • Enjoy rich classical games like Pokemon, GTA, DragonBallZ for free.

FAQs :-

  • How to activate Happy Chick?

You can activate Happy Chick by entering the activation code available on the download page at website. To get activation code, download the required version from and copy the unique activation code displayed.

  • How to get Happy Chick without WeChat?

To get Happy Chick without WeChat, you should have a Jail broken iOS device. Download the ipa file and install directly on jail broken iPhone. WeChat is needed for non jail break devices.

  • How to update Happy Chick?

Happy Chick sends update notifications to your device. You can also turn on ‘Auto update’ from app settings. To download the latest versions, go to top of this page.

  • How to fix Happy Chicken crash?

Happy Chicken may crash due to heavy performance issues. If the app keeps crashing, please empty the cache, increase storage space. Also uninstall finished games time to time to keep Happy Chick neat.

  • How to get a new activation code for Happy Chick?

Happy Chick assigns only one activation code for each device. To get a new activation code, delete the current installation, clean browser cache and download again.

  • How to save games on Happy Chick?

Save points will be registered as per the game. To save your last check point, go to pause menu from the game and click on ‘Save’. To restart from the same check point, click on ‘Start from saving point’ option.

  • Is Happy Chick safe?

Happy Chick is developed by Xiaoji Studios located in China. The app is 100% secure and safe to install. There is also chance of attacks as the app doesn’t download any external softwares. Happy Chick also doesn’t need permissions to be installed.

  • Is Happy Chick free?

Happy Chick is a freeware for Android, iOS and Windows devices. The app doesn’t have any in-app purchases and is free. Happy Chick is on it’s way to hit 3 million downloads. Join the chicken family and turn your devices into Gaming machines. Download and install Happy Chick on Android, iOS, Windows, TV Box and get ready for some intense gaming.

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