Begunkodor Station That Will Give You Cold Sweat

We hear stories of ghost and the supernatural all around us ; However their authenticity is debatable.Begunkodor Station is certainly spooky when you have a glance at it. A solitary building with pictures of hindu gods hung on the walls to ward off the evil.

begunkodor-station-hauntedBegunkodor is a village in Purulia.Attached to which is the Begunkodor Station the eastern most district of West Bengal. It’s about 46 km from the district headquarters. A picturesque village with a large tribal population. But this is not why its famous . Its popularity lies in being one of India’s most haunted begunkodor station railway station . This title is not because of spine chilling encounter with ghosts, but because it remained closed for some  42 years.This station was built in the 1960s after a large chunk of land was donated by the Santal Tribe to the railways. This begunkodor station became an epitome of development in rural Purulia. But of course the dream was short lived. In 1967 a railway employee saw a women draped in what saree during his night shift. The lady was rumored to have died while crossing the tracks.

It was a big shocker when he died a few days later under mysterious conditions , which of course is debatable as medical science was not so developed then. The death of this worker and the preceded sightings caused a panic in the region and among the station workers as well. The worker hired as replacement  stopped coming to work a few days later. The staff feared for their lives and transferred from there, leaving an abandoned begunkodor station behind. Thus earning it a tag of haunted station.

begunkodor-station-haunted-stationIt remained closed for the next 42 years before being opened again by then railway minister in 2009.However many belive this to be a hoax. Some enthusiast of horror tried to see the ghost and went where she was rumored to have died  but to no avail.Railway employees believed that the stores were made up to avoid being posted in rural areas also Begunkodor Station being a heartland of naxal insurgency. They further argue that the closing of this station  was not the result of any ghost but due to the conversion of narrow gauge to broad gauge.


The remnant of the stories still remain among the locals. There are no building near it , no shops , there is no settlement that can meet the eye. Several people have claim to have seen  the ghost.

Around 1000 passenger use this station daily but after dark hardly a soul can be seen near it. There is still no staff at the station and only a temporary ticket seller is available but he too leaves before dark. He only enters the station after a daily puja and leaves chanting a mantra so that he never has to face the lady in white saree.

The last train here is at 5:45 pm and after that it takes a look of a deserted station.



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