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How to Easily Hide a Folder in Windows

Hi Guys,

I am back with yet another useful topic, to tell you “How you can easily hide your files and folders in Windows”. Security of personal files and data is one of the most crucial part of protecting your privacy these days. We all have got many important and useful documents and files an stored in our PC, which we don’t want anyone to have access too. And the most easy way to do that is to Hide those personal stuffs away from the reach of anyone. So, Let me tell You how to Hide Your Personal Stuffs from anyone in a Windows PC.  😎

Follow These Simple Steps :

  • Navigate to the directory where your folder Is > Then Right click the folder you want to Hide (IndianGyaan here as an Example), You will see a Drop down menu as shown :
    Drop Down Menu
    Drop Down Menu
  • Click Properties > Stay in “General” tab.
    General Tab
    General Tab
  • Check box the “Hidden” option, A dilog box will appear “Confirming Attribute Changes” Click “OK” > You are Almost Done, Select “Apply” to save your changes > Click Ok.

Now, Your Folder might appear a little faded, confirming the effects of the changes.fdd

  • Now, If You are using Win 7 or Newer Verson of Windows, Go to Organise on the top left corner of the Window and Click “Folder and Search Option”.
  • A small window will appear > Navigate to “View” tab, Select “Don’t show hidden files and Folders” option > Click “OK” to save the changes.
    “Don’t show hidden files and Folders”

That’s It, Your Folder will now dissapear.  😉

(Note : Your folder might have dissapeared already if that option “Don’t show hidden files and Folders”  was already saved before You doing the same)

Now, In order to Unhide Your folder back, Simply Revert back the changes You did earliar, like Check the “Show hidden files and Folders” options in the View tab > Click “OK” > Right Click the faded folder and navigate to its properties, Uncheck the “Hidden” Option and save your changes.  🙂

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