How To Be Happy Instantly | Top 5 Tips To Follow

How to be happy instantly
How to be happy instantly

Hello Friends, Today I am going to talk about something which is knowingly or unknowingly the ultimate desire of every living individual. Yes, Folks I am talking “How to Be Happy Instantly?”. But contradicting the title of the blog, I would say, that to be happy or to feel the contentment of life is a long process. Happiness is an eternal feeling. It is not something we get from others rather it’s something which we create inside ourselves. You may feel that your happiness is the result of people and events surrounding you. But that’s not actually the case, rather you become happy when you chose to be happy. 

For Example, A person living an absolutely lavish life, surrounded by all his well-wishers & caretakers, might not be as happy as the person who is in all solitude, feeding on fast-foods and living a not so exceptional lifestyle.

So, You might be having the questions How to Be Happy Instantly???

Is Getting Happy Really Difficult?

Is Happiness limited to only a few People?

Can’t we get happy whenever we want to?

Now, Before You Start thinking that happiness is something really difficult to achieve. I would take you to over Five Amazing Hacks which are proven By Neuroscience And Which will tell you How to Be Happy Instantly in no time.

  • Music from the Happiest Time of Life:

    It would be really an absurd question if I ask you whether you like Music or Not? Because all of us do, And Music can act as a really great tool to help you be happy instantly. A particular music helps us relate to the emotions of a particular time of our life. For Example: Don’t you start feeling stressed and upset?? When you listen to a song that reminds you about your Ex’s Memories. Similarly listening to a song that connects to a happy memory of past, can boost your mood in no time. High Energetic music, fast paced and Optimistically motivating can give you an added advantage. So, Just Put on the Headphones and Turn to an Old song from your happy times. 😉 This one of the best way to be happy instantly….

    Listen To Happy Music
    How to Be Happy Instantly?
  • Smile and Laugh:

    Smiling and Laughing has a major role to play in your health and happiness. While you smile or laugh your body releases endorphins, Or more scientifically we can say Neurotransmitters. These are brain chemicals which can make you feel Happy & Contentful. So even when you don’t feel like smiling, faking a smile can actually activate your face muscles and can make your brain realise that you are smiling for real. This works on the phenomena of “Fake It Till You Make It“. it is also very important our day to day interactions with people. Smiling can bring them in a comfort zone while they are conversing with you. So, Keep Smiling and Be Happy. 🙂

    How to Be Happy Instantly
    How to Be Happy Instantly


  • Look Forward To Goals:

    You might have felt that whenever we try to look at our goals and think about the future, we tend to feel happy and motivated. And you can use this to your advantage whenever you feel depressed and stressed. thinking about your future plans, goals and ambitions can help you feel happy and contentful about the present. More scientifically it gives your brain a sense of control and releases dopamine, a brain chemical which helps in making you feel more better and more motivated. Moreover, thinking about your future plans and daydreaming about your success can really intrigue you to hustle hard in your work. It will make you determined and will channelize your mind to realise the Potential of achieving success. 

  • Get Good Sleep:

    Getting a good sleep is one of the most crucial habits in leading happy and it might be one of the easiest things to do as well.
    It is something which most of us won’t find any difficulty having. Still, if you find difficulty in having sleep you can follow the following simple tricks and hacks:

    1. Try to blink your eyes continuously for 30 seconds to 1 minute this will make your brain feel heavy and your eyes heavy and will help you sleep properly. 

    2. You can follow the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise completely through your mouth then you close your mouth and in hill quietly for a mental count of 4 then hold your breath and count to 7 then its rail completely throw your mouth on account of it this can make you sleep really quickly. 😉

    Studies have found that even 20 minutes of nap can reset your brain and rewire your emotions allowing you to rest and wake you up in a happy mood. So, Make sure you have proper sleep schedule in your entire day. 🙂

    How To Be Happy Instantly
    How to Be Happy Instantly?
  • Lend a Helping Hand:

    This is one of the noblest things you can do to somebody and to yourself. When you help someone there is a feeling of eternal bliss and happiness which can bring the most healthy being, out of you. The help can be of any type from, opening the door for somebody to helping him get to a doctor. And even if you fail to get a “thank you” in reply, you will get some unsaid blessings and positive thoughts which can make you feel happy and contented. It will also elevate your character in the eyes of the individual. Researchers have also proved that helping others can improve your health in many ways and also increase your lifespan. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and purpose of life. 🙂 and will teach others about How to Be Happy Instantly?


Always Remember, Only You are Responsible For Your happiness, It all about the choice you make and your willingness to strive for happiness.

I bet if you follow these tricks you can get instant happiness in no time, So try these out, let us know your feedback regarding the same & share the post with your friends to make them instantly happy. 🙂

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