How to Boost Your Self-Confidence??

Hello Guys,

Today here I am with yet another important and significant topic. Which at the most basic level is the single most crucial factor in you living a happy and mentally healthy lifestyle. Self-confidence is  about what you feel about yourself, how much trust you have got in yourself and how you lead yourself in front of the society. It is something, people really need, in order to live with freedom and self belief. Of-course guys, I am not just here to explain you the meaning of self-confidence rather I am here to bring out your confident personality. So before I take any more time let me introduce you to some of my Special tips and tricks which will make you confident in no time. 😉

  • Converting Negatives to Positives : Yes guys, this is one of the most crucial step in gaining confidence. A study estimates that a human mind generates a near about 60k-80k thoughts a day that’s an average of 2500-3000 thoughts an hour Woww, and even you know without a doubt that most of your thoughts turns out to be negative. Negative thoughts are the biggest cause of failure and depression. Now in order to build a confident personality, you need to convert your negative thoughts to positive.

Whenever you come up with a negative thought and start feeling insecured about it, take the following steps :

  1.  Just stop for a second at your place and replace all the negative terms form your thought with positive ones.
  2. Replace words like “No” with “Yes” ,”I Think” with “I know” , “May be” with “Definitely” , “I Might ” with “I Will” etc.
  3. Reframe the sentence in a positive manner and move on with it.  😎


  • Never Compare Yourself with Others Another cause of one’s lost self-confidence is their nature of comparing themselves with others. Whem people start comparimg themselves with someone who they feel prettier, smarter, and richer than them, then there will always be someone who is less attractive, less intelligent, and less wealthy. Self-confidence is about making your life better but that does’nt means making your life like someone else’s. When you compare yourself you slowly develop a inferiority complex for your life not being like someone else’s. So next time you see someone good and your mind starts comparing you with them, Just wait for a second and think like :

Oh Yes, They are good but you are neither the less! 😎 


  • Dealing With Appreciation : A confident person always appreciates whatever he finds deserving. When you appreciate something good you simultaneously overcome the tendency of feeling insecure about someone’s triumph. Also, on the other hand a Confident person takes compliments wisely. For eg: If someone appreciates you for something good, You should take the compliment sagely and reply withThank You so much, I appreciate it 🙂 . So, next time be ready to compliment the good and accept it at the same time.  😉



  • Fake it Till you Make It : This is one of the most important life hack, And also plays a very crucial role in building your self-confidence. It works on the principle of “Commanding your brain to think, what you want it to think” , And in the process the mind starts believing “what you think” and make you become so. For example : even when you do not feel confident enough, you should start thinking and believing that you are confident, after few moments of this fake thinking, Even if you consciously know you’re just faking it, your brain won’t be able to tell the difference and you will actually become confident for real. 😉 .


So Always Remember:

You are confident 💡  if you believe you are confident 😎


Note: These tips are solely my tactics, and your suggestions and thinking might differ from it.





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