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How to Download Hotstar Videos on Android & PC (HD)

Download Hotstar Videos

Hotstar is as popular as Netflix in India. With more regional content Hotstar has become the Choice of many Indian Entertainment lovers.

When you think of Hotstar the first thing that comes into mind is Game of Thrones. Games of Thrones has become very popular and is exclusive to Hotstar.

With great service and exclusive content, Hotstar has become the go-to choice for Indians.

But one down the side of Hotstar is that it doesn’t allow downloading videos for offline.

Well, this isn’t the only case with Hotstar, other streaming services like YouTube, Netflix and Prime video does neither allow their users to download videos for offline.

But with the help of third-party apps and services, one can easily download videos from these services. For instance, we can download videos from YouTube using TubeMate app. With TubeMate we can also download videos from social media Websites like Twitter and Facebook.

But this is not the case with Hotstar as there is no such service for Hotstar.

So how can you download videos from Hotstar?

Well if you are a geek, then you might be aware that everything is possible on the internet.

Download Hotstar Videos

Today in this blog we are going to share a simple trick that will let you download videos from Hotstar and allow you to save them for offline.

Just imagine having the entire collection of Game of Thrones right on your memory card or in your laptop.

If you are facing issues while downloading videos from Hotstar air is a step-by-step guide that you need to follow to download videos from Hotstar.

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Step by step guide to download videos from Hotstar

Method 1: Using Third-party services.

This is one of the easiest methods to download videos from Hotstar.

Download videos from Hotstar follow the below guide.

  • Open any of your favourite web browsers like Google Chrome or UC Browser whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Now visit the site by directly clicking on the link, or by copy-pasting the link in Chrome URL.
  • The next thing you need to do is to find the link or the URL of the Hotstar video you wish to download.
  • Copy the URL and paste it in the search bar of the website.
  • Now click on the download button or hit the enter key.
  • Choose the resolution you want and finally hit on the get link button.
  • This should start the download process and you can save this video for offline.

This is how you can download a video from Hotstar website in a quick and simple way.

One thing you should be cautious with this trick ok is that it may not work sometimes due to hot star security.

Method 2:

The next method to download Hotstar videos for offline is by using the official app.

This is the basic method that can be used by anyone who uses the Hotstar app.

The main advantage of this basic method is that you can watch Hotstar videos without internet.

This method is similar to downloading videos from the official YouTube app.

Just like in YouTube you can save the videos for offline and watch them when you are not connected with mobile data or WiFi.

Download videos inside Hotstar app officially.

Download videos inside the official app just browse to the video you wish to save for offline and then below the video you will see the download option.

Click on that and the video will be saved for offline.

You can watch the saved video at any point of time. this is the official way to download videos from Hotstar and works every time without any issues.

The only problem with this is that a few videos cannot be saved for offline.

Method 3:

The above method is very easy. But this third method is a bit difficult but very powerful I can help you save videos for offline on your PC without any issues.

With this method become download Hotstar videos on Windows PC.

It may look complicated but if you are familiar with Windows OS then you can do this easily. Please follow the below instructions carefully and enjoy your favourite videos from Hotstar.

  • The first step is to download zip file which contains all the required tools to download the Hotstar videos.
  • You can download this zip file safely by clicking here.
  • No extract the zip file using any unzip tool.
  • Inside the extracted folder you will find a file named Hotstarlivestream.bat.
  • Clicking on this batch file I will try that the windows command prompt.
  • The command prompt will ask you to paste the video URL. Paste the video URL as prompted.
  • Next choose the video resolution.
  • Finally follow the onscreen instructions to download the video to your PC.
  • You can find the downloaded videos in the videos folder located inside the extracted zip folder.

So this how you can download Hotstar videos on Windows PC. This trick works on Windows 7/8/10

Final Conclusion

So this is how you can download videos from Hotstar. All the above-mentioned methods are working methods and you can try any of the above methods.

Make sure you use the right method for downloading the right video.

Finally, if you face any difficulty or if any of the above methods isn’t working for you, reach us through comments below and we will guide you.

Meanwhile, share this with your friends and let them know about this cool trick.

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