How to Download Youtube Videos to Computer?

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This article is all about one of the hottest and  trending questions searched on the web “How to Download Youtube Videos“.So here we are to help you out,keep reading on.This article will include few absolutely amazing techniques.Here we start:

Technique 1

The most common way to download Youtube Videos is by using “YouTube Downloader”.(Click here to download).

Step 1:Open the software after successful installation on computer.This is how  the YouTube Downloader main screen looks.

Youtube downloader

Step 2:Paste the YouTube link in the place marked to complete the step.


Step 3:Select the desired the quality you want to download from the drop down menu.

YouTube downloader

Step 4:Click on download to start the download of the video.

YouTube Downloader

“Congratulations your YouTube Video download has started.You will see a screen like this.”

Youtube downloader

This was the first way of which all of us are familiar with.Now I will  tell you about another process to download YouTube Videos to Computer.

Technique 2

Step 1:Open the video you want to download.

YouTube Downloader

Step 2:Add “ss” before in the address bar(without quotes),and press enter.

YouTube Downloader

Step 3:A new page will open like this and click on the “Download” button.(Select desired quality for you from drop down menu).

YouTube Downloader

I hope you have found the two methods useful.Please try the methods listed above.Do leave your valuable comments below.Let us know if you want us to cover some particular topics.Thank You.

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