How To Remove Caller Tune In Jio[2021]

how to remove caller tune in jio:- Years back outgoing calls were luxury. Not everyone could afford it, but Reliance Jio made it possible for everyone. Apart from affordable calling & internet, Jio made caller tunes more accessible & flexible but removing caller tunes is not as simple as opting for it.
how to remove caller tune in jio
Today, we will be helping you to remove caller tunes in the Jio network with some easy peasy steps. Besides removing caller tunes, we also shared the methods to change the called tune in Jio.
Reliance Jio is the largest mobile network operator in India, which uses only voice over LTE to provide voice service on its 4G network. If you are seriously looking to remove caller tunes in Jio then you are at the perfect page to cease your search. Let us begin.

How to Remove Caller Tune in Jio?

With other magnificent services Reliance, Jio also offers free caller tune features to their customers. If you do not wish to keep any song as your caller tune and remove it, follow the mentioned methods carefully.
There are three simple ways to remove the caller tune from your mobile number with the condition that your number should be a working Jio number.
Follow any one of the methods to deactivate the free caller tune feature in Jio:


Method 1: ​By using SMS service to remove the caller tune-

  1. Open the Message app on your phone.
  2. Type ‘Stop’ in the message area and send it to caller tune number
  3. To confirm your deactivation from the caller tune feature, reply with ‘1‘.
  4. When the deactivation is confirmed, the user will receive a confirmation SMS by the
  5. company stating ‘JioTunes services have been deactivated on your number’.how to remove jio tune

Method 2: ​By using My Jio Application to remove the caller tune-

  1. Open MyJio application on your mobile phone.
  2. Go to the ‘JioTunes’ option from the menu.
  3. Check ‘My Subscriptions page’ and click on ‘Deactivate JioTune’ at the bottom of your mobile screen.

At the confirmation page, tap on ‘Yes’ to remove the caller tune feature successfully.

Method 3: ​By using IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)

  1. Open the dialer app on your phone and dial 155223 from your Jio number. (Note dial from the Jio number from which you want to remove the caller tune feature)how to remove jio caller tune
  2. Choose the language as per the choice in which you want to hear the prompt. Press 1 for English or press 2 for Hindi.
  3. The IVR will tell you about all the active Value-added-services on that Jio number.
  4. Choose the Jio Tune option to deactivate the caller tune feature.
  5. Read further in case you don’t want to deactivate the caller tune but want to change it.

How to Change Caller Tune in Jio?

Listed below are the three simple ways to choose your favorite song as your caller tune or

Method 1: ​By sending SMS

  1. Activate your favorite Jio tune by sending an SMS.
  2. To choose from a movie song type, MOVIE “Movie Name” and send it to 56789.
  3. To choose from an Album song type, ALBUM “Album Name” and send it to 56789.
  4. To choose a song by a specific SINGER type SINGER “Singer Name” and send it to 56789.
  5. You will receive an SMS with song options. Reply to the message with the correct number assigned to the song you want to activate as your caller tune.
  6. You will receive the last confirmation message to set your caller tune. For that, you need to reply with “Y” to that message.
  7. Now you have successfully activated your favorite Jio tune free for 30 days.

Method 2: ​By using Jio Music App on your phone

  1. Firstly you need to download the Jio Music app (size 8mb) from Google play store or app store.
  2. After opening the app, a login id and password window will appear, but all you need to do is to skip that option.
  3. A language selecting a window will appear with many regional languages available. Choose your favorite from the options.
  4. Now select your favorite album or song playlist. A list will appear when you will enter the song or album name.
  5. There will be an option of three dots on the right side of every song. By clicking it, you will see an option as “Set as JioTunes“.
  6. Click it, and there you go.
Note: If you are unable to locate such options, we recommend updating the app by visiting the play or app store.

Method 3: ​Using the star (*) button to copy the caller tune from another Reliance Jio user.

  1. You need to call the person whose caller tune you want to copy.
  2. Now press the star(*) button on the dialer.
  3. You will receive a consent message to which you have to reply with ‘Y’ within 30 minutes.
  4. You have successfully activated that JioTune on your Jio number.


Caller tunes are always fun to opt for but some people want everything to be decent & simple. We not only answered the query “How to Remove Caller Tune in Jio?” but also shared methods to CHANGE caller tunes in Jio.
If you have any other doubts or suggestions related to the article then please comment and let us know. Also, share this useful information with your mates who are struggling to remove or change caller tunes in Jio.

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