How To Run Instagram Photo Challenge

The photo challenge is the best way to enter with content ideas and boost engagement on Instagram Account.

In a few easy steps, anyone could launch a challenge of own.

Tutorings we learned from our #IMGOFDAY challenge:-

How To Run Instagram Photo Challenge

1. Pick themes that link to your business or industry

Our challenge is created, and a mix of business-related themes are included and also prompts that supported business owners to show their personality and take their audience behind-the-scenes of their business.

We made sure to keep the themes usual enough so that anyone who participated could find something to image in their business or during their daily schedule each day of the challenge.

2. Pick a hashtag

Once you create a list of ideas and share it with your audience, you want to make your participants to promote and take a challenge. Make participants to use a hashtag in the captions of their challenge photos, so you can find and track all the images via hashtag that people are submitting and uploading.

For our Instagram challenge, we are using the hashtag #IMGOFDAY. We could quickly find out who else was taking our photo challenge by marking up this hashtag in Instagram’s search tab in the hashtag section.

When you upload your images on Instagram, make sure to include any other hashtags that are related to your photos. The analysis shows that posts with 11 or more hashtags get the highest engagement on Instagram.

3. Experiment with your content

Photos are the most famous content on Instagram, but you can also try to incorporate other types of images for variety. There are some free tools like PicMonkey or Canva on your Pc or apps like Word Swag to create words, facts, images quotes, stats, or tips over an image or background.

We used Photoshop to build this word image, but you can do something similar with any free tool or app.

Don’t need to create new content day by day. On other social networks, your website, blog, or email newsletters you posted. Just make sure the material sticks to your challenge theme, and that you change the caption to reflect the conversation happening on Instagram.

4. Run and manage your contest

On Instagram, you could set up a game by only using a particular hashtag and getting entrants to use it in their images to enter. You’ll gain a lot more content management tools by using a third-party app. It makes it easy to gain and use on your other social sites, too. There are even secure email and customer management tools.

5. Determine your Instagram contest time frame

Before your contest starts, plan out how long you’ll run it for. If you’re offering a big first-class prize, Want to make it run for a longer time, so that you can promote it a lot and get it to spread through social networks platforms. I’ve seen a lot of successful challenges with short time frames, such as a week. This promotes fast action – which is individually key for a younger demographic.

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6. Determine the frequency of your contests

As the game spreads through “online word-of-mouth” via your contestant’s other networks. If you’re giving something away every week, you’ll build a habit in your consumers.

7. Determine Rules and Guidelines

User needs to get all your regulations and guidelines sorted out. As an example, if you’re looking to use the UGC later, you need to make sure you’ve got the proper legalize for it.

8. Decide on your entry method

Decide how your contestants will enter your Instagram contest. You can allow them to come via Facebook or Twitter, your website, and so on. They need to use a particular hashtag to enter.

9. Engage with new contestants

When a photo challenge is running, search the hashtag that you made to see your participants’ images and take some period to like or comment on them.

Your contestant will likely do the same to see who else is sharing challenge photos, and to interact. That engagement and the conversation will be appreciated and will help to create a sense of community around your photo challenge game.

10. Plan about your posts

Some planning is required for running and participating in a month-long photo challenge. Recruit friends, workers or colleagues to come up with new ideas to take some of the photos or create images for you.

Some photo challenge contestants take a screenshot of the challenge and make it their phone’s background.

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11. Promote your challenge

Spread the hashtag about the image challenge on your other social network platforms and in your emails. User shouldn’t forget to do this link to it on your website and in a blog post to expose it to a broader audience or set a board of images that include the hashtag.

The people who are following you on other social networks, subscribe to your emails, or read your blog and maybe do not know that you have an Instagram profile, so you should link your Instagram profile on your other network platform and talking about the challenge in other places will raise your presentation.

People often start challenges at the start of the month.

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