How to send /read/Process Emails in Office 365

How to send / read / Process Emails in Office 365: Hello readers, through this article I am going to provide you information by which you can read and send an email in Microsoft office 365 easily. You can also get knowledge about all other processes of email in office 365. So, to know about the interface you will need to sign in with office 365 with your email ID and password. Then, through outlook option you can maintain your all email activities; you can read email, send a new mail, mark your emails, delete emails, check sent emails, check your draft and can do many other important activities related to your email with available options. I have provided here brief details by which you can perform all these activities easily. So, go through below provided information and understand Office 365 outlook features.

how to send an email on outlook

How to send Emails in Office 365

If you want to send an email through office 365, then you can complete this task in two ways. You can choose either “new mail” option to send a fresh/new email or you can send a mail with received email options (Reply/ Reply All/ Forward)-check screenshots.

Send an email with “new mail” (Outlook Feature)

  • First, click on the “new mail” option available at the top left of the screen.

outlook email

  • Then, a new email form will open in the right-hand side of the screen where you will need to enter email ID in “To” headline, to whom you want to send an email. You can also type the subject of your email in “Subject” headline.
  • After completing the email form you will have to click on the “send” option.

how to send email from computer

Note: To modify your email (upload documents- with “INSERT” option or to change font size/ style/color etc. you can choose formatting tools available in email form.)

Send a mail with received emails options (Reply/ Reply All/ Forward)-(Outlook Feature)

  • You can send mail in the response of received mail with options-Reply/ Reply All/ Forward.
  • For a particular email, you can reply or send your mail with a reply option available in that email -check the screenshot.

how to sort emails in outlook by sender

  • Type your messages or upload documents and click on “SEND” option.

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How to Read Emails in Office 365

In-office 365, you can preview email directly by just clicking on the emails available in the inbox.

  • Go to “INBOX” where you can check all emails.
  • Click on the email which you want to read. Once you click on that particular mail, then you can see the preview of that email in the right-hand side of the screen. In this way, you can read all the emails according to your choice.

how to sort emails in outlook by date

Sort your Email

To read your emails, you can sort it according to your choice. So, if you want to sort your emails, then follow the below steps:

  • First of all, go to “INBOX”.
  • Then click on “Conversations by…. ” and the SORT BY list will appear. Now, you can sort it according to your requirement by selecting the available option and then you can read email.

how to sort inbox in outlook a-z

  • You can also search for emails by entering a keyword in the search box and read the email.
  • While searching a mail-in your INBOX, you can see below options that help you to find email conveniently. Select as per your requirements and results appear according to that:
  1. Include Messages From:
  • Entire mailbox.
  • Current folder (inbox)
  • Current folders and subfolders
  1. Shows these messages:
  • Older than a week
  • Older than a month
  • Older than a year

Categories-To check emails

You can maintain your email in office 365 with many options. There are several options are available by which you can check your email and these options are: inbox, sent items, drafts, archive, deleted items, junk email, note, etc. So, with these options, you can check all inbox emails, sent emails, deleted items, etc. You will just have to click on that option to check the same.

How to delete an email

If you want to delete an email, then you can delete that mail-in so many ways; check below details:-

  • Go to the email that you want to delete; select that email.
  • You can see a cross mark in that selected email.
  • You can directly delete it by clicking on that mark or you can also delete it with right-click of your mouse on that email and with delete option you can delete it easily.

how to permanently delete emails from office 365


  • You can also go to the message MENU (…) and click on the delete option to delete a mail.
  • If you want to get this deleted item again then you can get this through “deleted items” option. You will have to drag that deleted email to your inbox and you can get it back.

office 365 delete email from all mailboxes

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