50+ Best Instagram Dare Games & Stories Dare With Questions/Answers 2022

Instagram Dare Games:- Instagram is a very popular social media platform nowadays.  On Instagram, a huge number of people share their images and story. We can do lots of interesting things. Instagram Dare Games is more fun to play with friends, family, loved ones, and buff.  Instagram story dares challenges and Instagram dare games become very popular nowadays as WhatsApp dare as well as hike dare.

Instagram Dare Games

It’s very interesting to play Instagram dare questions no one likes to miss them. You can ask questions to your crush, girlfriend, boyfriend. If you are looking for new and best Instagram dare then this article is unique for you. Here i am going to share stories dare for Instagram, question dares, Instagram challenges, and much more.

Instagram Dare Stories

Instagram Dares

Dare:- Send me your Birthday month.

dm games for instagram

Answer :

Ok good…So the dare is u have to do the same thing on your story. And I will post a pic of urs with a poll of single or mingle. Once u r done let me know. I will post ur pic let’s see what people think about u. Don’t break the chai

Instagram story dare challenges

Dare Challenges

Dare :- Select any alphabet between A to V.

instagram dare challenges


a) Tell me the name of your first Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
b) Tell me about your last relationship.
c) Have you ever purposed any teacher at School College?
d) Have you ever been caught kissing in school/college?
e) How many times did you lie to your parents?
f) Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
g) Tell me about your childhood nickname, which you don’t like to hear?
h) Do you smoke?
i) Do you drink?
j) Have you ever say no by purposing someone?
k) Have you ever beat someone?
l) What is your weirdest habit that you want to quit?
m) Have you ever slapped someone?
n) Tell me the name of your favorite Actor/Actress?
o) What is your dream work?
p) What was your memorable day and night (both)?
q) Which country you would want to visit If You get a chance to visit a foreign country?
r) Who is the man/woman you like the most in your family?
s) Tell me any three things that you want to change in me.
t) In just 5 words, explain about yourself.
u) Do you believe in the soul?
v) Do you believe in god?

Instagram Dare Challenges

Dare:- Upload an embarrassing photo Of Yours on Instagram for 24 hrs and whoever likes your photos send them this message…

dm games instagram


So….you liked my post so you have to post an embarrassing picture of yourself, for the caption you’re ONLY allowed to write “until tomorrow” and you can only tag me. You must send this message to everyone who has liked your picture. The picture must stay posted for 24 hours. Good luck and don’t spoil the game!

Select Any One

Dare: Who Am I for You? Select one answer from the list and I’ll tell you.

1. Chocolate
2. Burger
3. Pizza
4. Sweets
5. Pain Killer
6. Cigarette
7. Drugs


1. Chocolate = Love me.
2. Pizza = Good Friends.
3. Burger = Time Pass.
4. Sweet = Best Friends.
5. Pain Killer = You Need Me.
6. Cigarette = Addict to Me.
7. Drugs = You Can’t Live Without Me.

Instagram dm Games

Dare: Select any of these books:

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?


  1. ?: You love me
  2. ? : Timepass
  3. ? : You’re playing with me
  4. ? : You need me
  5. ? : You are addicted to me
  6. ? : I’m nothing for you

Dare for Instagram story with answers

Number Dare

Dare: Select any number between 1 to 24


  1. Share your school life secret.
  2. What’s the name of your first crush? Share the fact.
  3. What was the biggest funny mistake in your life? Share the fact.
  4. What is the difference between right and left?
  5. State the strangest dream that you had seen till this date.
  6. What is the worst experience in your life?
  7. What is the lowest exam mark in your life?
  8. What one thing you need to change in your personality or characteristic?
  9. Which past experience you want to change in life?
  10. Which thing you don’t want in your next birth.
  11. What is the biggest wish of your life?
  12. Father or mother- who is your role model?
  13. What is the most childish thing that you have been continuing till this date?
  14. What is the most disgusting habit of yours’?
  15. What is the biggest lie that you have uttered ever?
  16. What’s that thing that you like the most about your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  17. Which is the biggest secret that you have not told your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  18. What is the most annoying experience in your life?
  19. What was the luckiest year till now and why?
  20. What’s that dream that has not been fulfilled so far?
  21. What is your biggest serious mistake in your life?
  22. Which is that regular activity that you want to skip?
  23. What is the most irritating thing existing in your life?
  24. For which thing in your life, you have waited for long?

 Instagram This or That Games

Whatsapp Truth and Dare Games

Call of duty / Battlefield

Fortnite / PUBG

FIFA /Madden

Far Cry / God Of War

Instagram Dare Games for Crush, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Triple Number Dare

Dare: Choose any triple number from the list and I will show you, Who You Are. Reply Fast!!

1. 000
2. 111
3. 222
4. 333
5. 444
6. 555
7. 666
8. 777
9. 888
10. 999

instagram story games dm


000-Hard Worker
111-Lovely & Caring

333-True Lover
666-Heart Breaker
777-Proud and Sweet
888-Lazy In Bed

Instagram dare games DM

Instagram Dare Games

Dare : Select any one option from the given list and I will tell you Who I am for you.

  1. Chocolate
  2. Burger
  3. Pizza
  4. Cigarette
  5. Sweets…
  6. Cake
  7. Chips…

dm games for instagram


  1. You love me
  2. Time Pass
  3. We are friends
  4. You really need me.
  5. Good friends for life
  6. Addicted to me
  7. Can’t live without me.

Instagram story dares

Story Dare

Dare:- Select any number between 1 to 25. I will give you a dare. 

instagram games dm


  1. If you are a male, then sing your favourite song in a female-like voice and vice versa.
  2. Express your favourite colour without naming it.
  3. What is the taste of water like?
  4. Talk by opening your mouth for the next few minutes.
  5. Stand in front of a mirror and start talking with yourself.
  6. Use sign language for the next hour.
  7. Wear a funny ‘kick-me’ sign for the next hour.
  8. Act like a Gorilla for the next few minutes.
  9. Pour an ice cube in your shoulder and express the feeling without words
  10. Go to a nearby street and tell passerby people that you are hungry (for next few minutes)
  11. Sing your favourite song in the tune of “Happy Birthday”.
  12. Talk to a pillow pretending it to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.
  13. Colour one of your front teeth black, take a selfie and set it as your profile picture.
  14. Do a catwalk on the roadside footpath.
  15. Apply your face pack and take a selfie.
  16. Express everything by barking for the next few minutes.
  17. Tell your mom how much you are sad about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  18. Balance a spoon on your nose for a few seconds.
  19. Stand in front of your outside gate and say everybody “hello”.
  20. Pretend as if you are underwater for a few minutes.
  21. If you are a girl, then behave like a boy for the next few minutes and vice versa.
  22. Imitate your most favourite celebrity for a few minutes.
  23. Act like a robot for a few minutes.
  24. Talk in five different voices.
  25. Give a haircut and take a selfie for your next profile picture.

Instagram Dare Stories For Crush

Dare For Crush

A daring game! Its gonna lots of fun.

Reply to me first. Then if you want you can send m too. Reply Fast.

Choose a word from the list.

  1. FE
  2. NF
  3. NE
  4. OE
  5. PE
  6. JD
  7. NS
  8. FN
  9. IW
  10. NV
  11. NA


  1. Your biggest secret.
  2. Buy 10 chocolate for me.
  3. 100 rs recharge on my phone.
  4. Kiss me when we meet.
  5. Describe me in one word.
  6. Sing a song and send me a voice clip.
  7. Make my picture on your DP for 1 day.
  8. When we meet hug me.
  9. Send a picture of yours.
  10. Call me now.
  11. Talk to me for 1 hour.

Instagram fill in the blank game

Fill The Blank Dare Game

Things you like most in me?

Ans: ___________

2. Give me a nickname that you want?

Ans: ___________

3. My contact name saved on your phone?

Ans: ___________

4. The thing you like most about my character?

Ans: ___________

5. Which color suits me the most?

Ans: ___________

6. Relationship status that you want with me?

Ans: ___________

7. The behavior that you hate about my attitude?

Ans: ___________

8. What type of dress suits me the most?

Ans: ___________

9. Rate my DP out of 10?

Ans: ___________

10. Dedicate a song for our relationship?

Ans: ___________

Dare Game

Dare: Let’s see how much you know me!

Q # 1) My Birthday?

Ans: ___________

Q # 2) What word i say most?

Ans: ___________
Q # 3) I Love?

Ans: ___________
Q # 4) My Bad Habits?

Ans: ___________
Q # 5) My Quality that attracts you?

Ans: ___________
Q # 6) Best Part of my face?

Ans: ___________
Q # 7)😎 who am I for you?

Ans: ___________

Instagram Dare Games for Crush

Whatsapp Truth and Dare Games

Dare: Choose any number From 1-10 Reply Fast 😀 

dm me a number instagram story

1.  Send a Selfie of yours in the toilet

2. Sing ur fav song or send it to me.

3. tell me which brand under-garments you wear 😉

4. Make my name as yours Whatsapp status saying that You want to marry me soon.

5. send me kisses in a video Clip.

6. Send me a voice clip saying dat “Baby paad Aa Rhi Hai”

7. click a pic Wearing Bra Only and send it to me.

8. Tell me who is yours Favourite Actor and the reason behind it

9. click your pic showing Legs and send it to me.

10. Keep my pic as Your  Dpz a status saying-“baby i love u more n more”..Oh yes, i love u!!!

Instagram Story Quiz

Dare Games

Fill it up😇

  1. How we met:
  2. My name in your phone:
  3. Who I am to you:
  4. One word that describes me:
  5. What you dislike about me:
  6. First impression:
  7. Current impression
  8. Do you trust me:

Instagram Dare Games for Couples

Instagram Dare Games

Dare: Choose a number between 1 – 20 then I will send some dare that you have to complete.

instagram questions game

  1. Send the cutest pic of yours.
  2. Write my name on your status and saying “I LOVE YOU”
  3. Don’t talk to me for 1 day.
  4. Send me kisses in a video clip.
  5. Tell me your favorite actor/actress and reason with it.
  6. Tell me about your dark fantasy.
  7. Tell me your crush and name.
  8. What thing you find more attractive in my looks.
  9. Tell me the brand of your under-garments.
  10. Sing a song and send me.
  11. A secret that you never told me.
  12. Delete my number.
  13. Make my picture to your DP for 1 day.
  14. Ignore me.
  15. Send me a picture of what you are doing now.
  16. Send a picture of your crush.
  17. Tell me a secret about our relationship.
  18. Send me your best friend number.
  19. Put your status and saying “I am mad”
  20. Take me for a long drive.

Instagram Funny Dare Games

Funny Dare Games

Dare: Select our desired number from 1 to 10 and let me know about your thinking.

truth game instagram


1: Don’t Go Please

2: God Will Be With You Always

3: I can’t Live Without You

4: I Love You, Stay Always With Me

5: Go and Die, Don’t Return Again

6: Can You Live Without Me?

7: I Can Live Without you

8: Fuck Off! I Don’t care

9: I Will Miss You

10: Don’t Forget me

Instagram Dare Games for Friends

Whatsapp Truth and Dare Games

Answer the following questions in 2 minutes. It is a game.

1. How do we meet?
2. Which place when the first time you saw me?
3. Who am I to you
4. Do you trust me?
5. First impression when you saw the first time.
6. My name on your phone.
7. What thing do you dislike in my attitude?
8. One word describes me.
9. What thing do you like about my character?
10. Can I share your answer on my story?

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