How To Install Two WhatsApp in Android Device?

This article will give you a amazing way to install two WhatsApp in your Android Device without rooting.Yes,you heard it right two WhatsApp Account even without rooting the device.This trick will work on almost any Android Device.So let’s get started….

So I assume you have one WhatsApp already installed from playstore i.e. the official WhatsApp from the playstore.For 2nd WhatsApp go to playstore and install a app named “Parallel Space”.As soon as it get installed open it.

How to do it:

1.Install “Parallel Space “From Playstore.




2.Select App you want to clone.




3.So it will install another WhatsApp and it will not conflict with your primary WhatsApp.




4.As soon as it sets up another WhatsApp,Enter your another number an d verify it!




Its done now!!Now you can use One WhatsApp for personal use and another one for Professional Life.You can use the same method if you want to use any multiple accounts of Facebook,Gmail,Instagram,Twitter,Messenger,Hike or Chrome with the same method.

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