How To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer?

Keeping your home cooler in this Summer could be a tiring job for all of us.The temperature starts to increase in the mornings hours and continue to do so till evening even after that it keeps the home quite hot and humid till night.So its better to keep the haet outside,keep all the doors and windows closed.So,here are top tips to keep your house cooler this summer-

1.Choose Cotton-

Choose cotton clothes over all other marerials.Use cotton bedsheets and light coloured curtains, it keeps the heat away from you.Using these results in promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

2.Freeze The Heat-

Keep your bedsheets in a plastic packet in freezer for a while.This method may not keep you cool all night but it will surely give you a brief respite from heat and humidity.

3. Get Loose Clothes-

Less is definitely more when it comes to summer.Put light cotton clothes to keep you cool,but the main reason behind it is the cotton traps all of your sweats in it thus it evaporates very slowly and results in keeping  you cool.

4.Old School Method-

Get some ice cubes from your refrigerator and put it in a bowl and keep it in front of a fan.The breeze will pick up the cold air and will give you a refreshing feeling.One of the best way to baet summer.

5.Cool off-

A cool shower can take all heat away from you.Rinsing off under shower can bring down the core temperature of the body and removes all the dirt and dusts from the body.Using any cooler soaps and shampoo can give you a better feeling than ordinary ones.

6.Turn off the lights-

Switch off all the unnecessary lights in your house.Light emits heat at constant rate and gradually helps in the increase of temperature in summer,switch over to power efficient and  cool LEDs lighting.Try to use as much as natural lighting for daily chores.

7.Unplug at night-

Disconnect all the electrical appliances which gives out heat during summer.Keeping the electronics disconnected or even turned off will save on energy.All electrical appliances generate heat during the time they are turned on.Keeping them off will help to keep temperature under control.

8.Go Rustic-

When temperature rises,replace your cozy and comfortable matress.Try to switch to bamboo or straw mats or something which is thinner.All thinner sleeping surfaces are less comfortable but they do not retain heat as puffy,cloth-covered matresses.

9.Eat Healthy-

Summer is not a time to have something which may increase your body core temperature.Swap big meals for smaller and eat 5-6 times instead of 3 times.Try to consume as much as water you can.Eat juicy fruits and get yourself some refreshing fresh juices.

10.Carbon Footprint-

Limit the use of ACs in summer in homes,switch on the ac when you feel you need the most. Don’t set the temperature to much lower.Try to avoid ACs much you can, as it cool down your body temperature to a very large extent (learn more about the process) and when you step out the temperature tends to increase, this sudden changes in temperature may cause some illness to you.

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