How To Plan a Motorcycle Trip Ladakh? General Riding Tips & FAQs.

Motorcycle Trip Ladakh was my dream tour since I got my first bike.Being just 18,it was difficult to go on a long bike ride.As my family was always worried for me.So I started with small trips of nearly 50 Km.I did it couple of times and this made me more familiar with road condition.It surely boosted my confidence level.Gradually I started to do longer trips after few months. Nearly 200 km round trip.

As I was now little experienced.I decided to do a 500 km solo ride.I tried my best to convince my family but they refused but they later realized that I was was capable to. the only condition they kept was to take someone with me.I did a 450 km starting from Kolkata(West Bengal) to Digha(West Bengal) with a pillion and back.Adrenaline  was pumping high as we started.We left as early as 4 am ,bike kept it in a very good shape throughout the journey.It took us 5 hours to reach.That was my first so called real Bike Tour.

Just after I completed my college and earlier this month I did my dream  Motorcycle Trip Ladakh (Manali-Leh-Ladakh-Khardung La Pass) on Royal Enfield 350,this ride.This ride was going to be my best rive ever. Here  are all the tips of do’s and dont’s  that I have learn and understood from my experiences and mistakes from my Motorcycle Trip Ladakh.So I hope that the tips mentioned below will definitely help you to plan your dream motorcycle tour across India.So here I start;

Royal Enfield 350 ladakh tour

How to select a motorcycle?

A majority of Leh-Ladakh tourers think of legendary ROYAL ENFIELDS .I personally prefer a Royal Enfield for my Motorcycle Trip Ladakh.They are great bike to cruise on highway as well as they can handle worse terrains of Ladakh too.They are big,strong built and simple motorcycles.The main reason tourers opt for Royal Enfields is because there is fair number of servicing garages in the route.But I recommend you to choose the bike you feel comfortable with.Make sure you are familiar with the bike and its working.Always choose a bike with a higher displacement this will put less stress on engine and you can cover larger distances.Select the bike which suits you the best.

What all you need to carry and how much you need to spend ?

1.Motorcycle-First of all you need a motorcycle.Get it serviced from any service center.Make sure all equipments are well functioning ,give it a thorough check couple of days before leaving and Vroooooom you are ready to leave.

2.Motorcycle Luggage Carriers- Get yourself a good quality  saddle bag and magnetic tank bags.These can be carried easily on the bikes,afterall they are designed for motorcycles only.You can easily attach and reattach these bags as your requirement.Full set of motorcycle gear may cost you 6000 INR.

rynox-saddle-bags3.Helmet-The most important of all ,it is mandatory to wear a helmet while you are riding.Buy a good helmet approved by ISI hallmark.It should fit your head perfectly and air should flow easily in and out.Do change the visor if it had some scratches.Helmet may cost you around 2000-5000 INR.


4.Motorcycle Spares and Tools-It is very important to carry some vital spares parts of your motorcycle while you are touring to Ladakh ,spares checklist contains spare horn,clutch cable,accelerator cable,headlight and battery fuses.You don’t when you will need them.You should have minimum idea to make your bike work again if it stalls.A full set of necessary spares may cost upto 2000-3000 INR.


5.Gear for rider-This purely upon the rider.A proper riding gear includes armoured jacket,riding boots,gloves,knee protector.Gears help to to stay protected from the wind blast at higher speeds and they save you from any fatal accidents.The full set mentioned will cost you nearly 10000 INR.A complete gear may cost you a good amount but it will be one of your best investment.As nothing is as impportant as your Life.


Here comes the second part how much will the trip cost???

The total cost can be broken down in five broad categories-

1.Food-Food will cost minimum of 500 INR per day per person depending on your standards.Always try to have light food and eat food in gap of 4-5 hours.

2.Accomodation-This will cost you minimum of 1000-1500 INR per day.This may go up or may go down depending on the location you are travelling to and the season i.e. peak season or off season.

3.Fuel-It depends on how much distance you will be covering per day.Let’s suppose if you cover 200-300 KM daily then it will cost you 500-600  INR.

4.Water-Keep yourself fully dehydrated.Drink plenty of water and carry good amount of water with you for emergency.Water may cost you nearly 200-250 INR per day.

5.Miscellaneous-Your various expenses.Expected to be around 500 INR.


Best Tips To Keep In Mind While Your Motorcycle Trip Ladakh-

1.Always carry your original motorcycle papers list includes insurance,RC book,driving license,vehicle tax papers.Keep color photocopy handy and keep the originals in the bags.

2.Do not push your motorcycle to its limit.Going easy will keep the motorcycle going without issues.Give even breaks in between your rides.

3.Start early and avoid driving after sunset.Do not drive in night if its not the only option for you.

4.Always try to  stay hydrated and carry enough drinking water with you at all times. No liquors, dui is banned.

5.Top up Motorcycle’s engine oil.Reason being the motor cycle will remain in 1st or 2nd gear for most of the time.Thus will consume more engine oil.It minimizes the loss of fuel.Try to fill it completely as it will help you to cover larger distance.

6.Keep stretching you hands and legs to avoid any cramps.

7.Get enough sleep.I would recommend enough rest between 2 riding days.That means more than a 8 hour sleep to re energize.

8.Limit your riding to 200-250 Kms per day.

9.It is always good to carry some dry food with you at all times.

10.Fuel is something which you will need throughout the journey.Carry spare of 5-10 liters with you.

Hope this article will help most  of you..If you have any queries please comment down below.


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