How to Start YouTube Channel and Earn Online | Step by Step Guide

Once someone enters the internet world, they start to see many ways for them to earn money online.So,that they have a extra source of income.They need to look around and think about how best to achieve this. Most people choose blogging as their method for earning online. Maybe it’s because they are lured by CPC values of certain keywords in interesting niches, or maybe they just like writing.But what about “Start YouTube channel and Earn Online”.

Yes there’s another very good alternative to blogging ” YouTube“.

You may be surprised to hear that YouTube could help you earn more than you would from traditional blogging. This is particularly true in the first phase of your online stride.

Here we will take a step by step guide on How to Start YouTube channel and Earn Online?

Let’s see how Youtube will be a Better Platform for you to start your Online Money Making Journey.

  • No investment on Domain and Hosting.
  • It is very much possible to start Earning from your first Week itself.
  • AdSense approval via YouTube is easy.
  • Very Big audience.
  • Ready-Made platform to use.
Throughout this post we’ll dive intofollowing:
  • How to Start YouTube Channel.
  • Top tips for Optimizing your Channel.
  • Tips to Monetize your Channel.

Ready to start? Let’s go.

How to Create a Youtube Channel?

Creating a YouTube Channel using your Google account

If you have a Google account to yourself,you can watch,comment and share Videos on YouTube.However,just having a account do not create a channel on it’s own.Setting up a new channel is very easy.So let’s do this.

1.Go to YouTube and Sign In

Go to and click sign in in top right corner.

Then log in with your desired Google account you would like your channel to be associated with:

2.Go to YouTube settings
  • Click on the Gear icon to go to YouTube setting
  • Next click on “See all my channels or create a new channel”.

3.Create your Own Channel

After clicking on the above mentioned link.Click on “Create a New Channel“.

Next, you’ll have the option to create a personal channel or a create a channel using a business or other name.

Now, it’s time to name your channel and select a category. The channel options available include:

  • Product or Brand
  • Company Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

Congratulations! You’ve just created a new YouTube channel ……………………

How to Start YouTube channel and Earn Online Money?

There are lot of successful Youtuber’s who are earning couple of hundred’s of dollar a day. They have taken YouTube very seriously and they have successfully launched themselves as a Brand on YouTube.

There are a variety of ways to make money on YouTube.

These three are the easiest and most popular.

  • Google AdSense:

You can monetize your YouTube channel with AdSense. AdSense shows contextual ads on your videos and you earn money whenever a viewer clicks on the ad. This is by far the easiest way that YouTuber’s are making money.

  • Affiliate marketing:

This method will let you earn a large amount in a very short time. All you need to do is pick the right product, create a video around it, and put the link in the description. You earn per sale and usually (depending on the affiliate partner) the payout is pretty nice.


  • Sponsored Video:

In a nutshell, YouTube can help you earn money if you don’t have a blog or if you are still in the process of building one. And once your blog is all set to go, you can put the video version of your blog posts on YouTube to earn some extra bucks.

YouTube can also benefit you by getting website visitors who are not using Google as their primary search engine, but who found out about your site from one of your videos.

YouTube supports almost all video formats and you can post videos in a wide range of categories. You can post about your trip to Goa or do a video review of the hotel you stayed at in Mumbai.

You can also make tutorials about WordPress, hosting platforms, and other blogging or tech-related things. There is a lot of software out there which will let you record your computer screen making on-screen tutorials easy to produce. Or maybe you want to do reviews of new phones or gadgets.

The possibilities are endless; so are the earnings.

The key ingredients for a profitable YouTube channel(Start YouTube channel and Earn Online) are a loyal, engaged community and a steady stream of great videos. Most creators find that before you can earn money with your channel, you first need to grow your audience and make consistent videos that you enjoy and your viewers love to watch. Then, think about monetizing.







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