How to take care of your car in summer?

If you are reading this article then there are two possibilities that either you own a car care or you are planning to get one,you are at  the right place to get your query answered.In this scotching heat your car care need the same car caree as you .So here the top 10 tips to keep your car care happy and cool this summer –

1.Get a  sheet protector to keep your important documents in it-

.  Insurance paper
.  Registration paper
.   Pollution paper


2. Clean the car care from the inside as well as outside-

Well if you clean your car care form inside as well as outside it will look new and everyone will love to see your car care.If you love your car care then definitely do it . Its like cleaning your own room. Make sure when ever your going to clean the windscreen of the car care first spray some water so that the small particles wash out and the take a wet newspaper and then clean gently.Same for the windows too.Keep a little gaps in between windows to keep the air circulation in car care.


3.Check the tire pressure every week-

It is important to check the tire pressure every week because it can lead problems like
less mileage, poor braking, instability and of course a flat tire which will reduce the charm of your car care.In summer try to fill up nitrogen in each tire this will reduce  the tire temperature to a extent.


4.Air filters should check and replace-

It should be replace periodically if you don’t do this then it can lead you to have a  engine failure.Always clean Air filter all by yourself after every 2000-2500 Kms



It should be cleaned and well maintained because it the most important part of the car care all the three mirrors should be clean and always have yours eyes on the mirror so that you are always good to go.


6. Get some gel fragrance

If you install some gel fragrance inside your car care like ambi pur  it will smell good and the passenger will feel good.


7.Change the bad headlights

If your car cares headlights are making problem than please repair it as soon as possible because it is most important part of the car care. Suppose your going for a long drive and then u need a urgent pass you need to press the dipper lights for the pass so in this thing the headlights are more important .


8.Check all the seat belts



It is necessary to check  all the seat belt of your car care specially the front seats the driver seat and co-passenger seat. ( CAUTION: BEFORE YOU DRIVE PLEASE WEAR THE SEAT BELT )


9.If your not going to drive your car care please cover it.

Make sure if your not going to drive your car care for some days first clean it and then cover it but to keep the car cares battery fresh you need to start the car care for once if not then the car cares battery will be dead and inside the car care bonnet you  may come across some living creatures like rodent , spider , squirrels etc.


10.Get some expert advice-

If your not sure or not able to fix the problem of your car care then please get some expert review like for engines , tires , window, wrench types needed etc.


11.Check coolant level-

All car cares these days are equipped with loads of electronics including a low coolant warning,still it is okay to make sure your coolent level is above the mark.Check the ACs at regular intervals,fill up the gas for AC to keep it in perfect condition.

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