We are in an age where digital video streaming is wrapping us in the world of entertainment. The modern technology has facilitated us with online video streaming and there is no way one can really feel bored.

Telegram Telugu Movie Channels for Tollywood Lovers

Telegram Telugu Movie Channels

There are plenty of sources for entertainment. You can instantly get access to millions of videos for free. Be it entertainment or be it viral clips one can enjoy whatever they like.

Services like YouTube and Facebook Video are the one stop go for all our entertainment needs and they are completely free if you are not worried about ads.

On the other hand, there are services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar that are offering premium streaming services. These services are offering exclusive content on their platforms and they are totally worth every penny as these exclusive shows are getting popular these days instantly.

Shows like Lust Stories, Game of Thrones and Chernobyl have quickly caught the attention of entertainment lovers and have become a huge success.

Apart from these shows, services like Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar are offering popular and latest movies in all the regional languages.

These services support regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi and Telugu. Here in India, apart from Hollywood, the most popular film Industries are Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood. Here you checkout Best Telegram Channels For Kannada Movies

The reign of Telugu Movies

While there are national actors and great market share for Bollywood, Telugu film industry, also referred to as Tollywood is quickly racing ahead to win the throne.

It has produced many national hits like Bahubali and Rangasthalam. Also, there are many Bollywood movies that were remade with the script of Tollywood movies.

Hence Tollywood Telugu movies have become one of the most watched genres on digital streaming services like Amazon Prime video and Hotstar.

This is one of the reasons, as these services are quickly roping in the popular Telugu movies like Arjun Reddy, Majili and Chitralahari and made them exclusive to their platforms.

But Wait what if you can’t afford to pay for these services?

What if You Can’t pay for Streaming services?

All the popular Streaming services offer Telugu movies in high-quality picture and good streaming resolutions. And they can be played on Big TV Screens as well. But what if you don’t want to pay those hefty monthly subscriptions to just watch movies and shows?

Well, you can always download any Telugu movie within days of release. But the sites that allow you to download these movies are either being banned by TRAI or these sites are insecure to download. Torrents are a good alternative but sometimes they are risky as they spread malware.

Also, the Quality of the picture will be very poor and will deliver an inconvenient experience while watching the movie.

Is there any solution to overcome this problem?

The answer to the above question is a big Yesssss! The Solution is Using Telegram Channels!


Using Telegram Telugu Movie Channels 

Telegram is a very popular instant messaging app. It is a better alternative to WhatsApp with more privacy and security features. Telegram is not only an instant messaging app meant for chatting, but it is also way more powerful than what you know.

It would take a separate article to explain the powerful features of Telegram. To keep things simple we have just focussed on the best Telegram channels for Telugu movies.

Just like WhatsApp groups, Telegram app has Channels with more features than WhatsApp groups. These features are both better and powerful.

You can find a Telegram channel for everything you love. There are many Telegram Channels that share original content for free.

You can download software, songs, videos, Web series and several shows for free on Telegram. Moreover, these downloads are free and Telegram is a very secure app.

You can download any movies for free from Telegram channels without any ads or pop-ups with adware.

Luckily there are many Telegram channels dedicated for downloading latest Telugu movies for free without any issues.

There are some Telegram Telugu Movie channels that even offer Telugu dubbed Hollywood and Bollywood movies and other popular web series.

Most of these channels are private and you need an invite link to join them as you can’t find them using default Telegram search.

In order save time for you we have listed the most useful and popular Telegram Telugu Movie channels here in this post.

Telegram Telugu Movie Channels for Tollywood Lovers:

Channel Name Link To Channel
Telugu Movies(@telugu_moviez) Join Now
Telugu Movies Join Now
New Telugu Movies Join Now
Telugu Movies HD Join Now
All Telugu Movies Join Now
Telugu Cinema Hub Join Now
Telugu Movies HD Torrents Join Now
Telugu Dubbed Movies Join Now
Telugu Movies 2 Join Now



So check out these best Telegram Telugu Movie channels. You can either join these channels or simply save the link to these channels and use them whenever you need to download a Telugu movie. You can use Telegram by downloading the Mobile app available for Android and iOS or you can use the web client directly on PC.

Using is Telegram is just like using WhatsApp, you need to register on Telegram using your mobile number.

Please note that some people may not be able to access Telegram. In such a case you can use a VPN to enjoy uninterrupted services on Telegram.