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[Latest] THOPTV APK Download September 2019

Entertainment is one of the essential aspects of every individual because of various reasons. The common source of entertainment is Movies, TV series, Sports and so on. It is a known fact that most of the people prefer using advanced and expensive TV because it helps them in enjoying quality.

Smartphones have offered an easy and cheap source of entertainment with the help of apps. There are plenty of entertainment apps, which lets users enjoy movies, TV shows, and channel streaming in both free and paid versions.

It is important to know the features of the app before downloading to save time and to enjoy quality effectively.ThopTV apk is one of the popular apps

which allows users to watch different TV channels available across the world. The app is available to download for free of cost using any of the 3rd party sources through Google.

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV has gained a huge amount of subscribers because of both quality and free access to the content. It is widely suggested to consider using the app in order to watch and download movies online because it uses fewer data without compromising on the video quality.

It is evident that there are tons and tons of TV channels available out there. Finding the right app or a platform to stream the particular channels play a vital role to use the app. There is a huge amount of reputation for the app because they are known to stream effectively compared to other alternatives for some channels.

Thop TV offers a variety of TV channels with multiple genres and enables users to have a nice time exploring the content. The app was available to download in Google Play earlier but removed because of various reasons. The app is still available to download with the help of 3rd party websites, which can be used for free.

App Name ThopTV App
Version 8
Apk Size 11.73 MB
Android Version Requires 4.o and up
Developer ThopTV
Category Entertainment
Updated 19 June 2019
Installs 10,000,000+
Content Rating Rated for 12+

ThopTV Apk Features

ThopTV apk download


Huge list of channels

ThopTV has a huge list of the audience from different parts of the world and it is evident that different individuals prefer watching different channels based on the requirement. ThopTV offers tons and tons of TV channels, which can be picked up depending on the necessity.

The huge list of channels has offered a great amount of convenience for users because it helps them to search for channels in a quick time. All channels are available under the same app and it adds a lot of conveniences. It is evident that the app has gained a lot of attraction in the market because it is convenient to switch channels from time to time.

Ample Radio stations

Radio stations have lost its popularity because of advanced technology sources to enjoy the content. There are plenty of Radio stations, which feature programs to entertain people with limited availability of resources. Individuals travelling prefer using Radio on TV because it distracts them from driving. Radio stations are highly used to provide specific contents because it helps them to gain visitors in an easy way.

ThopTV gives access to most of the Local and international radio stations, which makes them the best in the market. It is highly recommended to keep switching the stations because the multiple options give you the best pick effectively.

Great Collection of movies

It is necessary to have access to watch movies because some part of the audience prefers watching movies without commercials and interruption. The app gives access for people to watch movies and TV shows in an effective way. ThopTV has a great collection of movies, which lets people enjoy a different genre of content in an easy way.

ThopTV is one of the best apps in terms of collections and convenience because it is offering multiple types of services under one app. The multiple benefits of the app allow staying on the app for a long time from time to time.

Audio language compatibility with genre selection

It is essential to have multiple features in the app because it adds a lot of convenience for the user. There is a wide range of features available in the app, which can be used for a long time. The interface is designed to ensure a smooth flow of knowledge and options in an effective way.

There are millions of people who are interested in watching movies from different countries. As not all the best movies are made in known languages, it is essential to have either comfortable audio or subtitles. ThopTV provides an easy to use interface, which is filled with audio change options to improve convenience. The app also offers to switch on or off the subtitles to understand the movie better in an easy way.

Supports multiple gadgets like Amazon fire stick and smart TV.

It is evident that modern-day technology is adding a lot of gadgets to users because it enhances the lifestyle without compromising on the features and the quality.

Amazon and other fire-sticks have gained a lot of consumers for a long time now because they utilize to reduce the hassles of cable TV operator without affecting the quality of the streaming from time to time. ThopTV provides an option to connect the TV stick, which lets users enjoy on the big screen for free.

Smart TVs provide access to connect the phone to use the applications and other media contents directly. It is evident that users prefer using all the possible options to save money and enjoy quality. ThopTV is a beautiful application, which can be used in both Amazon Firestick and smart TVs. The app lets users enjoy the content in both mobile phone and on TV in an effective way.

Chat options

Enjoy any content with a friend or a family member is a crucial part of the entertainment. The app allows users to enjoy chatting features with other users of similar interests or mutual connections. ThopTV provides different types of options to make friends, which lets users enjoy movies and TV series with friends and family.

The chat options contain easy to use sources to make friends outside the community to enjoy rooms in an effective way. Most of the users have a habit of watching with friends to enjoy the content and ThopTV provides the best interface to watch with selected members in the same chat room.

Most of the people prefer using the chat option both while watching and not watching the content. The easy to use chat options have enabled the user to use the app to the maximum extent by connecting with other users from time to time.

Search features

It is a known fact that ThopTV has tons of content, which can be picked up based on the necessity. As there are a number of contents being added to the app, it is necessary to have an effective search option to look for their favourite movie in an easy way.

The easy to filters in the advanced search lets you remove unwanted and irrelevant options while searching. It is convenient to use the search option for searching for a movie or a TV show compared to other options because it saves plenty of time on a regular basis. The AI search understands the user query with multiple combinations in order to make it better and useful for users.

Notice Board

The app is one of the highly active apps in the market because of various reasons. As there are plenty of users visiting the app on a regular basis, it is necessary to have contents flow in all the categories and genres from time to time? The app maintains a high profile by uploading a good number of movies and TV shows on a daily basis.

The notice board or notification board allows users to know the latest content added to the app. The relevant updates are generally based on user behaviour, which saves a lot of time in an easy way. The notice board notification is not recommended to miss out because it gives crucial information about various elements of the app in an effective way.


Accessibility is one of the crucial factors to consider while using an app because it helps the user to save a lot of time. The dashboard enables users to find their favourite shows and movies, which reminds them to watch based on the necessity. The dashboard gives you an option to save your favourite options, which allow them to avoid wasting time in searching.

Watch 3000+ Channels In Free

When you using Thoptv then you even don’t believe because there are more than 3000 channels in this app. Now ThopTV app is providing all Hindi channels in Thoptv free of cost and with high-quality video. ThopTV is the one of most popular Indian tv app they provide 3000+ channels in HD. But according to another tv apps like cyber flix tv etc, they still best for Indians because you can see TV in Hindi and another regional language. ThopTV app is newly launched with Hindi channels, Live tv and radio across globally.


This Tv is providing well platform for Indians. Because in this we can see more than 580 channels free of cost. But you will trouble the ad for a while.


Tulip tv section is amazing for saints and priests. In this section, we can watch and enjoy some famous religious channel like Sun Bangla, Sun life etc channel. We can watch more than 350 channels.


Allium TV is interesting for nature lovers. In this section, there are more than 300 channels. User can enjoy natural scenes and can know more about Nature.


Iris TVs an Italian free entertainment television channel, launched and produced by Mediaset. It is broadcast in Italy on DTT channel. It provides more than 1000 channels globally.


Daisy TV is providing 200+ channels globally. This TV provides shows and movies for Kids. Kids would love that shows and movies.

 Heather TV

Heather TV provides 1000+ channels globally free of cost. It has a content of all kind of News channel like International channels and even Indian channels in the Hindi language.


Sunflower TV has 1700+ channels free of cost with high quality globally. It has content of all international shows and movies, you can enjoy all content in this ThopTV app.

Requirements of ThopTV Apk

  • A minimum requirement of Android Kit Kat 4.4 of Android.

Download and Install ThopTV Apk

  • Download APK file either on a computer or the mobile phone directly.
  • Transfer the APK file from the computer to the mobile phone, if you have downloaded on the computer.
  • Disable restrictions to download 3rd party apps on the mobile phone through privacy settings

Install ThopTV

  • Tap on the APK file and wait for the app to complete the installation process

Installed Thoptv apk

  • Restart the phone to use the app effectively

Download and Install ThopTV For PC

As movies and TV shows are better enjoyed in large screens, it is evident that people prefer using TVs to watch movies and TV series from time to time. Gone are the days, when people used to buy a setup box in order to watch movies and TV shows regularly. ThopTV app is available for people to download for computers, which allows them to watch some of the TV channels. It is highly recommended for people to consider exploring various features of the app in the PC because it plays a vital role to take maximum mileage of the app features in an easy way.

ThopTV is available to use in large screens like TVs and computers in a quick span of time. There are two ways of using the app on a big screen. It is easy for people to look for an android emulator in order to download and watch through mobile phone. ThopTV provides .exe file. Which can be used to download and install on the PC directly? It is suggested to look for a .exe because it helps users to enjoy the app to a great extent. The ThopTV .exe file is available for free, which can be easily installed on the PC from time to time.


You can watch all latest movies & shows by using Tea TV Apk, this App has less ads and the content get updated every 24 hours.

Download and Install ThopTV APK in Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

  • Go to Home and click on Settings and Click on Device
  • Allow apps from external sources
  • Go back to the home screen and search for downloader.
  • Download Downloader app and agree to terms and conditions.
  • Open downloader and enable JavaScript
  • Look for ThopTV APK from the browser
  • Download the app and install before restarting the machine

Control the ads you see – Android Devices

It is evident that the app displays commercials directly from google, which helps and motivates developers the improvise the application. The ads can be modified and customized based on the users interest by following some of the simple steps available on the app.

How ad settings work

  • Open the app and click on the left navigation panel on the screen
  • Click on data and personalization option to visit ad personalization panel.
  • In Ad personalization panel, click on “go to ad settings”
  • If the ad personalization is off, turn it on.
  • Select personal interests and passions to view relevant advertisements
  • Turn off interests at any time if you find it irrelevant
  • Update the information and start enjoying relevant ads


1. What is the minimum Android version required?

  • The app requires a basic KitKat android version to work in an effective way

2. List of devices the app works with

  • The app works with Most of the Firesticks and Android operated devices. The app is compatible with Amazon fire stick, Kodi TV, Fire Cube, Fire Stick and so on…

3. List of permissions required

  • It requires 3rd party app installation access from the device before installing.

4. Is the App free from virus?

  • The app is fully free from virus and removes all the malware files by updating on a regular basis.

5. Does it have advertisements or commercials?

  • No, the ThopTV contains ads. The ads are a part of the app, which does not irritate you while using.

6. The cost of the app

  • The App is available to download for FREE of cost.

7. Does it browse user data?

  • It is a known fact that most of the people prefer using advanced technology elements in day to day living. The Artificial intelligence features in the applet the user search with the help of a recent search. User data is not stored for misuse, but instead, it offers better options in recommendations.

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Clarification Regarding:

Today bring your attention to the fact that, some rivals of ours intentionally spreading rumors about us that your privacy is at risk so uninstall top tv.
The real fact is that we have prevented their hacking system and disabling ads via DNS changer system of blokada and they cant handle their channels or satisfy their users.
We are a small team and earn very less compared to server maintenance, therefore we are very strict for ads and against people who try to spoof the system.
Clarification of blokada: It is an adblocker opensource app whose source code is open publically. We know where we can strike to close it.. this doesnot require any scanning system. We personally have no hate for blokada, its a nice app though. To prevent modders we have done this. Afterall its your choice which app you will use. We are saying that to prevent our loss we have to do this please understand.
Moreover thoptv dont ask for any special permission in your android phone during installation. You can enjoy our service safely and freely.. and thanks to the haters, you hate us but we love you….

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