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ThopTV for pc

Download THOPTV For PC: The modern-day technology allows users to save a lot of money by looking at alternatives. It is important to check for different options while looking for a service or a gadget from time to time.

ThopTV is one of the most popular apps in the market, which gives us massive content access for free. It is highly recommended for people to consider using the app before looking for an alternative in terms of entertainment requirement because it offers the best quality content.

ThopTV for pc

ThopTV has a reputation of offering access to quality videos that helps users to enjoy on a regular basis. As the app is available to download and use for free of cost, it is evident that user prefers using to avoid spending money on premium apps.


The ThopTV allows users to enjoy movies, TV shows, TV series, LIVE sports matches and so on.

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Why Use ThopTV app?

Entertainment is one of the mandatory aspects to consider for every individual because it helps them relax and inspire based on the requirement.

The modern-day technology has allowed people to take a movie at fewer costs, which will result in having options. It is important to look for a quality app because it offers both quality and convenience at the same time.

ThopTV is a popular and reputed app in the market, which provides access for free of cost to watch and enjoy movies. It is highly suggested for people to consider using the best app available because it offers quality content to watch.

ThopTV app is recommended because it offers free content to watch streamed in different genres from time to time.

Download ThopTV For PC

Features of ThopTV App



Most of the people prefer to watch movies and TV shows along with their friends and family. Not many people will have the luxury of watching together. Technology allows people to sit in a virtual room while watching a movie to have common thoughts. It is a known fact that chat features offer a lot of benefits for users while watching movies and series. ThopTV provides an option for users to chat with other users, which allows users to watch the content together. 

The chat options have attracted a lot of people in the current generation because it is easy to communicate while watching movies and TV series. The chat room can be built based on the requirement, which helps in inviting limited and relevant guests effectively. There are a lot of virtual chat rooms available in the app, which can be used to find like-minded people with similar interests from time to time.



User-friendly interface is one of the important aspects to consider because it helps people to save money and time. The ThopTV provides a beautiful set of options, which makes user job easier while searching for the content. The friendly search bar with custom options allows you to pick the best set of movies by selecting preferred parameters in filters option. The effective filters options allow users to select their favourite genre, language, cast and so on because it helps them to display relevant options in an effective way. 

The search bar is a common feature, which can be seen in most of the websites because of obvious reasons. The ThopTV search bar is equipped with additional options in order to enjoy the search feature without affecting the timeframe on a regular basis.

Notice Board

Download THOPTV For PC

It is a known fact that most of the apps with similar purpose add contents on a regular basis. It is important for users to find new content in a quick time because of obvious reasons.

ThopTV is one of the popular apps, which allows users to watch movies and TV shows for free of cost. The new additions in the app are notified to the users with the help of the notice board.

Notice board is more like a notification centre, which gives you enough information about new additions. It is essential for every user to look for notice board on a regular basis because it helps them to find new content in an easy way.



The dashboard is a crucial aspect for every user because it helps in finding the right movie from time to time. The dashboard is the main screen of the app, which gives enough options for users to watch at any time.

It is necessary to have easy to use interface while using an app because it helps in taking maximum mileage of the features. 

As ThopTV provides plenty of features, it is evident that people log in on a daily basis to find new content.  ThopTV provides a user-friendly dashboard, which gives relevant movie options in an effective way.

It is evident that most of the user’s behaviour would be tracked because it helps the app to offer relevant options from time to time.

App name: ThopTv
License: Free
Version: Latest
Size: 48 MB
Operating System: Windows
Requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Category: Live TV, Channels, Movies

How to Download and Install Thop TV on PC/Windows/Laptop

ThopTV is a mobile application, which can be used on a PC and other devices like TV, TABLET and so on. It is important for users to consider using a big screen because it helps in previewing movies at high quality. 

ThopTV For PC

Steps to download and Install Thop TV on PC

  • Check for Thop TV .exe file from any of the 3rd party websites
  • Download the .exe file to the computer
  • Double Click on .exe file to start the installation process and wait till it completes
  • Click on next till you get a tab called FInish while installation
  • Restart the computer after installation
  • Click on the Thop TV icon on the computer to start running.


Change Log:

  1. [Fix] → Thyme TV
Download THOPTV For PC  (32bit / 64-bit)

ThopTV is also available for Windows os that you are using on pc, laptops and more.

ThopTV is an application used to stream Live channels online and watch movies, web series for free for windows. There are more than 3000 live channels available. ThopTV has a collection of international channels and movies. ThopTV provides Indian web series platforms like

  • Hotstar
  • Altbalaji
  • Voot
  • Eros now
  • Zee5
  • Ullu
  • VIU
  • Jio Fiber FullHD also Coming soon


It is a fact that there are plenty of movies and TV series are being released on a daily basis. It is important to keep a track on every content because it helps in picking the right option. ThopTV is a popular app, which has attracted a lot of people in the current generation because of free content. It is widely suggested for users to explore various aspects of the app because it allows you to find content from different countries and genres in an easy way.

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