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If you are here probably live in West Bengal or maybe planning for a trip there or you may be a ultimate foodie.There are lots of food to try out in West Bengal we have tried out our best to list Top 10 Bengali Dishes.West Bengal or simply Bengal is famous for its Sweets and Fish.The staple diet here is Rice,Dal and Fish Curry.People of Bengal are very passionate and proud of their culture and food.They love to cook and are great host.Probably if you get a chance to try authentic Bengali Dish,don’t miss.So without much delay take a look at Top 10 Bengali Dishes.

Non Vegetarian:

This space don’t much introduction.Non Vegetarian food is where take there pride in.Let’s step into the world of delightful food!

 Prawn Malaikari  or Chingri Maachh’er Malaikari

An authentic Bengali Dish which breaks the mind set of people that coconut milk is only used in South Indian dish.A curry cooked with Chingri Mach (a common Bengali term used for lobsters, prawns or shrimps) is generally a part of the Bengali menu, especially on occasions such as the Noboborsho or Poila Boisakh (Bengali New Year).




Bhapa Ilish or Steamed Hilsa

This dish is prepared by hilsa fish being steamed in mustard paste.It is generally served with plain rice.the fish is marinated with mustard and light spices and it is wrapped in a banana leaf.Then, it is put into a steamer.It keeps all the spices together and tastes brilliant.The aroma of mustard completely blends with the flavors of the fish.




Kosha Mangsho or Mutton Kasha

This is a heartful of dish cooked with plenty of mustard oil and whole spices.Hafl fried boiled potatoes are addedinto the curry.The curry is thick in consistency.Kosha Mangsho’s velvety gravy and biting into the juicy pieces of the meat can make anyone’s heart happy.


Kosha Mangsho

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Few of the exotic and most delicious vegetarian dishes are from Bengal. When cooked with immense pleasure and love food wins over heart.So let’s begin…….



This is a special dish, and meals are started with it. The idea is to begin with the bitter and end with the sweet. One special thing about this recipe is that while it is a part of your regular home meal, it is also a part of wedding meals.This is considered to be very healthy for our body.It contains a handful of vegetables in every bite.




Aalu Posto

A Bengali’s home comfort food, aalu posto is cooked in various ways along with some vegetables, the traditional recipe is with a potato dish cooked with poppy seeds.The potatoes are boiled and then made into a curry with postu or poppy seeds along with green chillies.




Bhaja or Fried Items

Bhaja is a pre requirement for any Bengali meal, be it for festivals or your regular home meal. Bhaja means fry, and this could be any vegetable that has been fried crisp: potatoes, brinjal, pointed gourd, lady finger, and pumpkin are the usual favorites.The luchi bhaja or generally known as Poori is also a significant bhaja for them.



Teen Kona Neemki

Triangle in shape, this bhaja or fry is ususlly common to have with evening tea.Deep fried served with sauces and dips.It spreads all across while eating because it is too crunchy to handle. Have it for breakfast or have it as a daytime snack; you cannot stop at just one!


teen kona nimki



This thing contains the soul and pride of every Bengali.This is what the state of Bengal is known foe.You will find different sweets in every shops.Still there are as many variety of sweets available to keep you busy for entire year if you taste every single one each day….Great isn’t it…..Let’s our journey begin.


Lobongo Lotika

It is a meant for every occasion. Lobongo Lotika is one such treat and gets its name from the fact that the pastry is folded and sealed with the help of a clove.Made with maida, cardamom, raisins, grated coconut, khoya, ghee, nuts, nutmeg powder and, of course, cloves, the mixture is blended with powdered sugar, which is then added to the center of pastry dough and then shaped and deep fried.

Lobongo Lotika

Misti Doi

Misti Doi is frozen yogurt ,its a perfect blend of milk and sugar.Served in small earthen pot.This Doi brings refreshment and energizes you for all day long.You simply cannot this treat in Kolkata.





A small chhena(unripened curd cheese) balls dipped in sugary syrup.Syrup is made of water and sugar and the combination is boiled till it becomes thick.As the chhena balls are dipped in sugary syrup,they get extremely soft and tender.AAAAhhaaa that’s sound so delicious.



These were the Top 10 Bengali Dishes that you must try once.All the dishes listed above defines Bengal in its own ways.Hope you liked it!!

   Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.

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