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Hi there guys! The most awaited list of Top 10 Individual Indian YouTuber to follow in 2019 is here. Acknowledging, the YouTube culture is growing at a rapid speed. Indian YouTubers have made a name for themselves globally.These Top 10 Individual Indian YouTuber can be the millionaire of tomorrow. Presenting to you, The Top 10 Individual Indian YouTuber irrespective of content in entertainment and non-entertainment. These are self-made stars. They all started with a dream and yes, they are here today. So, Let us see the Top 10 Individual Indian YouTuber you should be following in 2019.

Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber:

1.BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan Bam or BB has been a global sensation on YouTube community. He uploads humor videos on his channel BB Ki Vines. He himself plays 4-5 character himself and shoots with his Nexus mobile phone. His Fameer Fuddi character being the most favorite among all his viewers.BB lives in New Delhi, apart from comedy Bhuvan is a musician by profession and earns by doing Live shows. He has been making people laugh since he was in school and made random video and uploaded on social network and it went viral. His channel was recently awarded with the fastest growing channel in the YouTube community. He deserves the top spot in the list of Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

YouTube Subscriber:9.1 Million

2.Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurs of India. He is the founder and CEO of, the largest collection of Indian images. Sandeep Maheshwari is a motivational speaker and is  very well known among people for his free Life-Changing Seminars to motivate and inspire the mind of young peoples.His seminars mainly deals with what maximum people are afraid of like of Public Speaking, Fear of something. Sandeep Maheshwari is now a very well known name among the Motivational Speakers.He uses his examples to make people their real potential.He also started from the bottom and has a huge subscriber base now.His videos are great way to know yourself better.He deserves his place in the list of Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

YouTube Subscriber:6.4 M

3.Nisha Madhulika

If you wish to learn cooking in the most simple manner search for Nisha Madhulika.She started her youtube channel at age of 52 years.Before that she started her blog in 2007.The blog  was a instant hit.In her early days of Youtube her husband would do all the necessary shooting,editing and publishing the videos on Youtube.Now as the scale has gone up significantly.She has a team of 5 members who help her out in creating her content,shooting,editing and publishing.She has a very soothing and comforting voice and she can taught you the dishes in the most easiest way possible.She was recently picked by Youtube for their Tv Advertisement.She definitely deserve her spot in top place in the list of Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

YouTube Subscriber:5 M

4.Technical Guruji

“Technical Guruji” is a Tech Channel on YouTube owned by Gaurav Chaudhary.He started this channel back in October 2015,back in those days he had just completed his M.E. (Microelectronics) from BITS Pilani.Since his childhood days he was always inclined towards technology.He used to upload 1 video everyday, that used to get an average of 300-400 views. But as they say “Patience pays off”. Today, “Technical Guruji” has garnered over 1 Million subscribers, with more than 80 Million video views on the channel, all this, just in a span of 16 months. “If you go viral, you are here to stay,” says YouTube, and today “Technical Guruji” is India’s Largest Tech Channel on YouTube.He was fastest growing Tech Channel in India so he deserve a huge shoutout in top place in the list of Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

YouTube Subscriber:7.9 M

5.Actor Varun Pruthi

Varun Pruthi makes social experiment,inspirational and motivational videos on Youtube.Most of the time he is seen helping out people who are in dire need of money and support.They are mostly street vendors,people with disablities.He helps them by buying their whole item at once.He takes their fighting stories stories to the viewers on Youtube.Often he uses the money he gets on donation by distributing necessary items to the people in need.

YouTube Subscriber:2.2 M


Ajay Nagar the man behind CarryMinati.YouTuber who makes videos roasting other YouTuber. He is funny, witty and hilarious.He lives in Faridabad with his family.He started his Youtube channel when he was in VI standard.His first channel was STEALTHEARZ where he uploaded his football skills and tricks.But,the channel was not that successful.Later in 2014 he started his channel “CARRY DEOL” and renamed it to “CARRY MINATI” in 2015.One of his video titled “BB ki Vines ROAST” that video crossed 1,00,000+ views and was instant hit.He uploaded 7 more videos that month and got over 50,000+ subscriber in a single month.His most characters are Tau and Mundal.He deserves a place in the list of Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

YouTube Subscriber:3.9 M


The most popular and most reliable Tech Reviewer in India.He has established himself as a bechmark in the Indian Tech Reviewer.He started way back in 2012 in Hyderabad.He has an expert opinion on tech gadgets & smartphones and how to effectively use them in your daily life.He remains completely unbaised while reviewing products.He had recently moved to his new office.He also runs a second channel GeekyRanjit hindi.His main channel has a variety of different showns apart from just Gagets Review.His patience and belief is waht made hin into Ranjit to Geeky Ranjit the list deserve him as a Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

YouTube Subscriber:2 M

8.Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia is an Indian singer who has already belted out many hit songs at a very tender age. Shirley Setia songs list is adding up and she is becoming an inspiring influence upon many young Indian female singers.She belongs to an Indo-Kiwi family background. The singer Shirley Setia age is 21 and her date of birth is 2nd July, 1995. She performs live and as well as on youtube fanfest.She’s quite famous for her mellow voice and extremely good looks,her subscriber count has been rapidly increasing ever since she joined Youtube.

YouTube Subscriber:2.3 M


Prajakta Koli the pretty girl behind the success of Mostlysane Youtube channel.She is into vlogs and comedy sketches.She was born and brought up in Mumbai.After she completed her college from V. G. Vaze College of Arts, Science and Commerce she was clear about her career path.She started as a Radio Jockey and did hosted stage functions all across.Later to this when she found out that the job of RJ is not offering her the freedom she has thought of she left her job as RJ.

She started her Youtube journey on 10th February 2015 and after uploading few hundreds of videos.She is one of the most loved Youber of India.She has collaborated with huge names of the Bollywood industry and sports world. Prajakta like to keep it massy, because in India, specifically in Mumbai, with all the modernization and westernization, every Indian is massy on the inside. “Massy” means Desi, by the way.”

YouTube Subscriber:2.4 M



10.Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil is one of Indian motovloggers.He loves to tour very long distances on his motorcycle.He was well settled in Middle East Qatar with an Airline Company,but decided to headback to Mumbai to take care of his family business.He owns a KTM Duke 390(BOSS!!) ,Bajaj Eliminator,HondaActiva and a Maruti Suzuki Swift.He has an excellent speaking skills on camera as he did few Daily Soaps on Channel [V].We see Nikhil making some super awesome lifestyle vlogs too.He recently covered Bali and Goa.Next he will be travelling to Bhutan.He may have less subscriber in comparision with others but his Fan base is very strong.He deserves a place in the list of Top 10 Individual Indian Youtuber.

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YouTube Subscriber:1.5 M

11.Mad Stuff With Rob

A very familiar name with our childhood.Days were incomplete without watching ROB on POGO channel.Rob an absolutely creative person running his channel on youtube.The art and craft work by him are treat to watch.One can learn and can make it on their own.The steps shared by Rob are really really simple.A must checkout for peoplee who are into crafts and art.

YouTube Subscriber:553K

Youtube is next big thing,it has a huge potential.If you have or you wish to do it do.Start now,this is a great time to Start a Career in Youtube.Read here How to Start YouTube Channel and Earn Online.

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