Top 10 Kolkata Food You Cannot Simply Cannot Miss

KOLKATA the name itself tells its story.Shortlisting Top 10 Kolkata Food was difficult but we tried our best to do justice to the list.Especially while talking about the food,our minds starts to fantasize about the soft Roshogolla,deep fried Hilsa(Iilish),road side Kati Rolls and what not. From Breakfast to Dinner you get to see a lot of variety in the delicacies.You might need to pack your bags and leave for the yummy Kolkata food trip after reading this.

Top 10 Kolkata Food We Recommend:


A small chhena(unripened curd cheese) balls dipped in sugary syrup.Syrup is made of water and sugar and the combination is boiled till it becomes thick.As the chhena balls are dipped in sugary syrup,they get extremely soft and tender.AAAAhhaaa that’s sound so delicious.




It is prepared from milk,sugar and paneer,this sweet dish will simply melt in your mouth as soon you put it in your mouth.It is decorated with nuts and pistas over the top.You can also find flavors like,chocolate,rose,mango and few others too.This seems interesting.


Bengali Sweet Sandesh


We all are familiar with what Kulfi means but in Kolkata it has its own definition.A frozen dessert ice cream put around a stick and garnished with crushed pistas and badams.


pistachio kulfi

4.Misti Doi

Misti Doi is frozen yogurt ,its a perfect blend of milk and sugar.Served in small earthen pot.This Doi brings refreshment and energizes you for all day long.You simply cannot this treat in Kolkata.



5.Kolkata Biryani

A Kolkata style biryani is so different from all other biryanis you ever had.A unique smell of Desi ghee blended with right amount of magical spices and tender pieces of chicken or mutton and cooked in a handi.You will find boiles potato fried and mixed with spices.The potato is special in Kolkata Biryani.It is in all favorite pot recipes of Kolkata housewifes.




6.Kati Rolls

A deep fried paratha with a spicy mix of chicken or paneer or egg or mutton or egg in it and wrapped in a paper and served to you in no time.A very popular dish among people in Kolkata.



7.Machher Jhol(Fish Curry)

Machher jhol and rice are the staple diet of Kolkata.This can be found in every corner of the city be it in biggest or the smallest restaurants in the city.A fried fish put into curry and served with rice and that’s enough for a afternoon lunch.


Fish Curry



A small fried dumpling like filled with spicy mashed potato mix containing chilies,tamarind water,salt,coriander,and other powdered spices.The phuchka is dipped in a flavored water mixed with spices.This is the most commom item found in the streets of Kolkata .




9.Moglai Paratha

These deep fried parothas stuffed with egg and minced meat can make you think how it is made.Served along with a masala curry,some salads and ketchup.One full  Moglai Paratha can keep your tummy full for a long time.




10.Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry)

A thick mutton curry ,full of spices which makes the gravy velvety with tender and juicy pieces of Mutton.generally served with plain rice or parathas.






This was Top 10 Kolkata Food We Recommend you,do not miss anyone of these.Have a happy foodie life.




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