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Kolkata located in West Bengal State of India is a loud,chaotic and among the most populated cities in India.This is the state capital of West Bengal and possess historical importance.The streets are full of yellow honking taxis,local buses and rickshaws.These are the top 10 places in Kolkata you need to visit in your trip.

1.Mother Teresa Home

Mother Teresa lived in this house during her work for betterment of people in Kolkata.Though she worked all over the country but she dedicated most of her years to Kolkata.After she died her house was transferred into her tomb.After you finish you can take a look at the museum where all her belongings are kept and then see the room where she stayed and the exact bed where she passes away.You can enjoy the peace in there moreover being on a very busy intersection,you hardly notice any outside noise.

This is Mother Teresa’s Room.


2.Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is one of the most important and significant landmark of this city.The Victoria Memorial building is surrounded by pathways and lush green lawns with small artificial ponds in between.The garden has some of the oldest trees in the city.The Memorial building is dedicated to queen Victoria.You can go into the museum and can have look at all  items belonging emperors and queens.The roof is something which you need to take a look at.The memorial building is quiet and you can hear chirping of birds.

Victoria Memorial



3.The South Park Street Cemetery

The South Park Street Cemetery is an important heritage place of Kolkata. It was established during rule of the British.It is one of the oldest cemeteries of Kolkata.There are total of 1600 of tombs.This 8 acre place is completely surrounded by high walls.The place is full of high trees,bushes and various types of plants.You can see the names on the brick plinth which are generally squared shaped.This a cool palce to get some perfect photographs for enthusiasts.This is one of the top 10 places in Kolkata to visit.




4.Kalighat Temple

The Kalighat temple is one of oldest hindu temple in Kolkata.The temple is nearly 1600 years old.The original temple was a small hut which was later transformed into a small temple in the early sixteenth century.The temple which is also one of the biggest tourist attractions and has a office cum guest accommodation facility available which was constructed at a huge cost some years back.This is one of the top 10 places in Kolkata to visit.

Kalighat Temple


5.New Market(Sir Stuart Hogg Market)-

This place is full of people everytime.This is one of the most busy area across Kolkata.You can get lots of yummy street foods and lots of street shopping here.Vendors sells almost everything which you may need every day.Clothes,jewellery,bags,shoes,rare old books and accessories all are available at a very dirt cheap price.

New Market


6.Indian Museum-

Indian Museum also known as magic house was founded in 1814.This is an extremely popular meuseum in India.One of the main attraction here is a 4000 year old Egyptin Mummy.The place is located near New Market area.Museum is gigantic in terms of area and also has an ancient construction.This place has collection of rare and extince valuables.If you are interested in history this  is a must visit place for you.This is one of the top 10 places in Kolkata to visit.

Indian Museum, Kolkata
Indian Museum, Kolkata



7.Belur Math

Belur Math(Belur Muth) is on the bank of Hoogly river.It is the headquarter of Ramkrishna Math and Mission,founded by Swami Vivekananda.This temple is notable for its construction that fuses Hindu ,Christian and Islamic construction which stands for unity of religion.Inside math is extremely quiet and silent place.People sit there and medidate for their peace.This place also serves you gods offering(prasad) in a community dining hall which can accomodate 400 people in one time.If you are visiting Belur Math you must not miss this.You can also take a motor boat ride there.This is one of the top 10 places in Kolkata to visit.

Belur Math
Belur Math



8.Dakhisneswar Temple

This is another kali temple in Kolkata which also holds a historic significance.This temple was built in 1847 by Rani Rashmoni,the holy deity idol was placed on 31st May 1855 in which 1 lakh Bramhins were invited from all across  India.You can find small shops outside to buy flowers and  incense sticks as offering for godess Kali.Red faced monkeys are common there and you can feed them food but be very careful while doing so.You can sit on the stairs with water washing your feets.Dakhisneswar Temple



9.Flower Market(Mullick Ghat)-

This is a absolutely chaotic place to be in.Flowers and flowers everywhere.You can find various kind of fresh flowers.You can see lot of vendor selling bunch and bunch of flower,this being a wholesale market you can find it cheaper than rest of the flower shops in the city.Yoc can see the beautiful Howrah Bridge from there,all yellow taxis and buses  passing by.

Malik Ghatflower Market
Malik Ghat Flower Market



10.Terreti Market(China Market)

Situated on Sun Yat Sn Road ,this is an early morning chinese breakfast .You can find some delicious morning breakfast,starting from momos to burgers and dumpling.You can also take some homemade fresh sausages for you.You can find fresh fruits and vegetable selling there, fish vendors slice up fish using a sword like knife that sits upright.Thisplace is an excellent place to have traditional chinese food.

Teretti Market

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