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5 Tricks to Make Android Run Faster?

Android Run Faster
Android Run Faster

This article will answer the most common question of users i.e. “How to make android run faster?”In this era of modernization most of us own a smartphone.majority of the smartphone users have Android Operating System Device,irrespective of the maker.While you continue to use the device,few questions pops up in your heads…..few of them could be

  • How to Make My Phone Faster ?
  • How is Your Phone Working Fast?
  • How to Make  My Android Run Faster?

If you have same or similar questions,you are in the majority of the users.But before going forward let us discuss the issue in little brief.

Why Android Mobile Phone Slow’s Down With Time?

As we start using your device,firstly we need to install all the necessary applications to it.When installed  all the temporary app data and cache files starts to accumulate in the phone itself and starts eating up your device storage and you wonder “Where all my space is going?”either you have installed plenty of applications or your homescreens may be unorganized.This are the issues which makes your phone slower or even worse in some cases.

Make your Android Run Faster!!!

1.Uninstall the apps which are no longer in use.

It is common of all  and the most easy thing you can do to make your android run faster.Remove all the unnecessary apps from your phone.Few of them comes  pre-installed which are technically termed as bloatware.Bloatwares runs in the background and eats up the ram and the storage.These applications sometimes cannot be uninstalled,but you can definitely disable them to get rid of them on a temporary basis.You cannot remove these applications until you root your phone and remove them manually  of your own.

Android Run Faster
Android Run Faster

2.Keep Updated With latest Version of Android

Android Run Faster
Android Run Faster

Your device runs on Android,which is so far the most common Os for mobile device.Google releases monthly security patches to protect your Android device to keep it safe and fast.It is highly recommended to update the device to update your Android. This is the most effective method to keep android run faster.

3.Clean Cache and Temporary Files

This method will give a huge boost to make your android run faster is by wiping the cache once every week.These files are generated while using the application on your device,these files to giver better user experience.In few of the devices you have cleaners installed,if your device don’t have one.

Android Run Faster
Android Run Faster


4. Disable Auto Sync Feature

Synchronizing is another process which make the performance graph of the phone  to hit the lowest.The auto sync works in the background which results in increase in data usage as well as poor storage management.Try to disable the auto sync feature and use it when you need it.This will result in lesser number of files being in the cache memory,resulting in increase of overall android user experience speed.

Android Run Faster
Android Run Faster


#5. Reduce or turn off animations

You can definitely switch off the cosmetic animations of your phone.You need to enable the developer option.Click on the developer option.(If you cannot see developer option then tap on build under Settings>About>Build for 7-8 times.It will enable developer option)You need to find the drawing section,from there switch the windows animations,transitionanimation to off.Done.Now you will feel the phone is performing way better than your imagination.Developer Option

These were the top effective ways to make your Android device faster.Adapting these practice will provide a marginal boost in battery life also.Stay tuned for more!!  


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