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Top Indian Motovloggers To Follow in 2019 | Top 10 | Youtubers

Motovloggers, Who are they?

Motovloggers are the riders who record video while riding a Motorcycle.They talk about a particular topic or they narrate their journey while riding.They record their riding videos on an Action Camera.Few motovloggers love to show you around their cities and few take you out for really really long rides.The most exciting part is that you can see the ride as if you are sitting on the bike.Here we will take look at Top Indian Motovloggers.It is one of the fastest growing Youtube Community.

If you have a Bike, and an Action Camera and decent Speaking Skills.You can at least give it a try.Most important to have the true passion.

The way MotoVloggers appear in the list should not be considered as their ranking.All are doing commendable jobs in this not much-known field of MotoVlogging in India.Top Indian Motovloggers list starts here…

Top Indian Motovloggers:

1.Mumbiker Nikhil

Nikhil Kumar Sharma aka Mumbiker Nikhil is one of the top Indian motovloggers.Nikhil lives in Pawai (Mumbai).He loves to tour very long distances on his motorcycle.He joined youtube on 3rd July 2016.He was well settled in Middle East Qatar with an Airline Company, but decided to head back to Mumbai to take care of his family business.He owns a KTM Duke 390(BOSS!!), Bajaj Eliminator, Honda Activa, Maruti Suzuki Swift and a Triumph Tiger XCA.He has excellent speaking skills on camera as he did few Daily Soaps on Channel [V].Mumbiker Nikhil’s Vlogging Career took a leap ahead when he did Mumbai-Ajmer-Delhi.He captured all the beautiful places in route and vlogged about it.He did Mumbai-Bangalore in 24 Hours, he Mumbai-Hyderabad,Kashmir to Kanyakumari and the most Epic Mumbai to Ladakh.Moreover, he records motovlogs in Mumbai City and covers all the major events going in and around.He recently got himself a Dji Phantom Professional Drone, which captures some spectacular shots for him. We see Nikhil making some super awesome lifestyle vlogs too.He recently drove to North East to drop Debashish Ghosh and Dharmendra Jain(OWOR).

mumbiker-nikhil-motovlogger(Top Indian Motovloggers 1/10)


2.Oggy F

Oggy F as he likes to be called.He joined youtube on June 24, 2011.He lives in Mumbai and he is a true Motovlogger in all sense.He is the best in terms of following traffic rules and safety.Always fully geared up and he is ready to go.He rides a KTM RC 390(Rage!!).He captures everything in and around Mumbai.He main forte is capturing idiots that drive like morons on the streets of Mumbai.He is extremely calm and planted.It is impossible to see him shouting.His voice is so soothing and pleasing to ears you would instantly like him.He often drove to Goa and Lonavala for his rides.Moreover, he recently did his face reveal, he was always behind his gold visor.He recently visited Kari Motor SpeedWay in Coimbatore for and event.

oggy-f-motovlogger(Top Indian Motovlogger 2/10)

Recently he started his second channel “Moto Vlog for a Cause ” He deserves the respect for his initiative.He recently received a message from one of his subscriber who wrote about his “Cancer Treatments”.Oggy in no time decided to surprise his subscriber.He drove to Nagpur on September 3rd along with a well known MotoVlogger Reck It Ralph to meet him and spend some quality time with him.The earning of his 2nd channel will be given to cancer charity.He is going for an another Ride for this noble cause soon.

3.JS Films

The most active Motovlogger from Delhi.JAYSN how he calls himself and starts his vlog by “Hello guys this is Jaysn aapka dost aapka Host” .He owns a Hayabusa Special edition and has named her Nilima.He also owns a new Duke 390, A pocket Bike and an RX 135.He generally rides on the weekends with riding groups in and around Delhi.If you love superbikes this is the channel for you.You can see exotic and few of the rarest bikes on his channel.He generally vlogs in Hindi and English.Moreover, he has been to many small trips around Delhi, Auli, Dehradoon being few of them.

If you regularly follow Motovloggers in India, then you must have seen a Hayabusa in Ladakh.He was one of the members of the team who has taken the Hayabusa to Ladakh.

4.MSK Vlogs

Mohammad Salim Khan is from Mumbai.He is into daily vlogging as well as motovlogging.He owns a Yamaha R1,a Duke 390(2018) and a WV Polo.The vlog starts from “Hello Namaste Vadakkam Hola Marhaba Assalaam Walikum this is Mohammad Salim Khan and welcome to my Youtube Channel MSK Vlogs.”

He has developed a great connect with his viewers since his early days.His vlogs are absolutely fun filled and very engaging for his viewers.He is excellent with his cinematography.His editing skills are a level above everyone else.His vlogs are absolutely mesmerizing to watch with Drone Shots.He has driven to Leh-Ladakh,Bangalore and has covered places around Mumbai which are not very well known to the general people.

“Baaki Sab Badhiya Hai”


6.Zohair Ahmad

The Hyderabadi Boy who takes the streets by storm on his Kawasaki ER6N.His ER6N was one of the very first to be delivered in India.He drives and vlogs in Hyderabad City.His Hyderabadi accent will put a wide grin on your face.Zohair do walk around’s, reviews and fun to watch videos.He loves to do wheelies and he cuts through the traffic like a master.He also owns a Honda Navi which he recently purchased.He makes some of his videos in Hyderabadi and trust me you would enjoy it through out.He has driven few exotic bikes including Hayabusa,Aprilia RSV4 , Ducati Diavel.Currently, Zohair is solo touring South India on his ER6N.He visited Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty-Bandipura Tiger Reserve.He has beautifully captured Hyderabad City during Ramadan, it remains one of his finest vlogs to see.

zohair-ahmed-hyderabad-motovlogger(Top Indian MotoVloggers 3/10)

7.Vikas Rachamalla

Vikas Rachamalla is a motovlogger from Hyderabad.He has a supreme collection of super bikes.The list includes Yamaha YZF-R1, Suzuki GSX 1100F, Suzuki GSXR 1000, KTM Duke 390.He is a very professional rider and often seen on tracks with his motorcycles.He generally vlogs about riding Super Bikes, Safety Videos,DIY(Do It Yourself) guides and few informative videos.He too uses a Dji Professional drone for capturing some stunning footage.He recently attended a Race Track Event in Coimbatore at Kari Motor Speedway.

vikas-rachamalla-hyderabad-motovlogger (Top Indian MotoVlogger 4/10)

8.Big Bang Biker

A recent addition to this List.A really hard working and a very friendly motovlogger from Bangalore.He rides a Mahindra Mojo 300.He joined youtube on December 12,2015.He remains very active on his youtube channel.He loves to explore and ride to new places around Bangalore. And someday he wish to cover Incredible india completely.He dose reviews of TBparts | Quality Mini Bike Parts and makes funny videos called “Bangalore reactions”.He recently drove a Ninja H2R and a stock Yedzi few days back.He organises few rides with his subscriber around Bangalore.He will take you around Bangalore on his MOJO 300.

big-bang-biker-motovlogger ( Top Indian MotoVlogger 5/10)

9.GoPro Man

Arun a Bengaluru based MotoVlogger.May be in his mid or later twenties.He rides his Duke 200.His way of recording is something which pulls everyone towards him.He has his own way of recording, keeps the videos to original without much sound effects.Even he speaks He is one of the few who lets the viewer enjoy the way they want.He did Rajasthan Bike Ride of 16 days covering 4800 Km.This particular video was selected Winner of IBW 2016 Film Festival.This video inspires someone who has a dream of travelling but doubts their abilities or do not have higher CC bikes.To my surprise, the group 5 riders did it on their daily commuting machines……

Akash TP – Pulsar 180
Karthik Ramagiri – Pulsar 200NS
Ajay KM – CB Unicorn 150
Suhas Ravikumar – Honda Stunner 125
Arun Kumar – Pulsar 150

If you wish to see some of the best of what a MotoVlogger can capture for you,you simply cannot miss his channel.


10.One World One Ride

One World One Ride is not about a person.It is a group of 2 biker Debassish Ghosh & Dharmendra Jain who are challenging the ordinary riding across 29 COUNTRIES, 5 CONTINENTS, 250 DAYS, 50000 MILES, 50 MILLION HEARTBEATS.

These are guys who truly maintain that there is more to life than success and money, death and taxes where living their DREAMS is more important to them than anything else. They want to liberate themselves from the boxes they are currently living in are trendsetters we are wanderers and committed to doing this.

To leave family, careers, friends, home, success, comfort, commitments, goals, EMIs and life, as they know it to make their dream come true.

one-world-one-ride-team-2017 (Top Indian MotoVloggers 7/10)

To go where no one has gone before. To do what no one has done before. To seek the spirit of this planet. To break barriers of religion, color, gender, race and creed. To spread the love for humanity.

To be Real. To be Alive. To be True.

The ride that will span the length and breadth of our world. Because you live only one life. And if you live right, then the world is not enough.

11.TollFree Traveller

He is one of the upcoming Moto vloggers from Chennai and a Ex-Lawyer by profession.Rohith is the man behind TollFree Traveller, he rides on his RE Thunderbird 350.He vlogs during his rides as well as he adds narration to his video.His videos connect directly with the viewers.He completed his #tourof2017 covering the North Eastern India.Sikkim in particular, Rohith drove for around 3.5 months to complete his tour.He also visited Ladakh last year and he is going there again in July 2017 for Royal Enfield Odyssey .Do check ou his Gurudongmar Lake Video.He is simply awesome.


He is India’s first motovlogger.He joined Youtube on November 14,2012.But he cover half of his face.He loves his motorbike(R15 V2).He mostly have backpacked other countries; less of India and have ridden in 3 countries, and have survived for months in foreign nations on just 1 backpack.Recently, I’ve considered backpacking India. Started with WB last month He loves to try out bizarre food across the planet and shamelessly kill valuable time playing Video Games.HBB have organized his videos in Interesting playlists for you lovely people.His videos ranges from MOTORCYCLE TOURING to ANIMAL RESCUE to SOCIAL CAUSES to VIDEO GAMING to TESTING MOTORCYCLES to FOOD to JUST RANDOM STUFFs.

heart-broken-biker-motovlogger(Top Indian MotoVloggers 9/10)




Simon aka ‘SimonSezRide’ is a (shy) motovlogger from Navi Mumbai, India .He started his journey with Youtube on 17th April 2015. He rides a KTM RC 200 and a Suzuki Gixxer and uses a Garmin Virb action camera. He loves to ride bikes and wishes to share his experience through this channel.His videos are pretty fun to watch.

simon-sez-ride-motovlogger(Top Indian MotoVlogger 10/10)

Special Mention;

**The Everyday India**



Thank You all for going through this article.A lot more MotoVloggers are coming up in India.It will be interesting to see the growth.This field will grow very big in India.

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