One of the major issues with smartphone till date are the battery.Battery is the powerhouse of the smartphone and if it runs out smartphone remains of no use.In this post we will share some of the tried and tested methods to Stop Overnight Battery Drain.

On waking up you see your battery down by nearly 20%,you get a feeling sick!! but have you ever wondered what makes this happen? This happens because some of the applications continue to work in background,thus eats up battery.Most of us do not want to deal with this.Majority of us will plug our devices to power source before going to bed.This practice will give you a full battery but will create problems for your battery.



Methods to Stop Overnight Battery Drain.

1.Turn Off Auto Sync

Next to Screen Auto Synchronization drains a lot of battery.It keeps updating all the app in background in the background without your knowledge .Your phone remains connected to google sending and receiving data to keep your account properly synchronized.

If you need this feature try to deactivate it in night.

How To Do It : Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Menu -> Auto-sync Data -> Uncheck.



2.Turn Off GPS

Second to screen GPS eats a lot of battery to be precise it is a massive battery drainer.In Android 5.0 Lollipop,Google changed the way GPS works .Instead of simply a turn on-turn off button, you can set GPS to three different modes – High Accuracy, Battery Saver and Device Only.Keeping it on High Accuracy which uses GPS,Wi-Fi and Networks drains at the fastest rate.

How To Do It : Go into Settings -> Location and turn GPS off.



3.Disable Mobile Data

Most of us keep data always on to keep the data coming to our device.I know its extremely important for us to remain connected to WhatsApp,Facebook and our mail Services.Android disconnects you from mobile data when you are connected to Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t actually disable it. Over the last few years, I have noticed that disabling data does lead to battery savings stop Overnight Battery Drain

How To Do It :Pull Down Notification Bar > Click On Data(to turn on or off).



4.Turn On Wi-Fi Optimization



Switching off Wi-Fi saves a little bit of battery.It would not be significant but will do good to you and your device.Try to keep your router in the center of your house or office,so device can receive good amount of coverage.It won’t put much pressure on device thus consuming bit less of battery.

How To Do It : Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Menu -> Advanced -> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep -> Only when plugged in (or) Never

There were the tips known to us to Stop Overnight Battery Drain of battery.

Stay Tuned for more !!