Top 25+ UPSC Telegram Channels 2021

UPSC Telegram Channels:- IAS exams are probably the toughest and difficult ones to pass in India, thousands of aspirants from all over the country appear for the exam. Unfortunately, only a few of the students make it out with good scores and grades.

Also, tons of students prepare for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission Exams) which requires good preparation and knowledge on the subjects to be able to score good marks.

People who couldn’t clear out UPSC exams would know how hectic and tiresome the preparation is, for civil exams. These exams are usually conducted every year in India, where thousands of aspiring students from all over the country attend the exam.

UPSC Telegram Channels

In order to clear the exam with excellent scores, you need to have a thorough grasp of the subjects along with the right preparation. Fortunately, there are groups and channels available on Telegram for UPSC and GPSC students. Since IAS exams are considered to be the most challenging one out of all the other exams conducted in India, you shouldn’t be making any changes if you wish to clear the exam with flying scores. Therefore, I’d recommend all the students who are appearing for IAS and civil examinations to join the Telegram channels mentioned in this article.

What Are UPSC Telegram Channels?

In case if you’re new to the Telegram app or haven’t heard of Telegram channels, then it’s essential to know about it before joining. Telegram channels are basically a tool which can be used for broadcasting messages or information to a large number of audience with minimum effort. The best part about the Telegram channels is that there are no limits or restrictions on the number of users that can join. In fact, an unlimited number of users can join a channel without any issues with just one tap.

Now there are tons of Telegram channels available in various fields such as Education, Movies, Entertainment, etc. The purpose of this article is to share the best Telegram Channels that you can for your GPSC and UPSC exam preparation. In the following channels, you will get valuable information and notes which will help you in understanding complicated topics and concepts. Of course, there are no charges or fees involved in joining the telegram groups for UPSC and GPSC, just in case if you’re wondering.

The channels shared in this article aren’t private, meaning anyone can join the channel using the link. You simply need to follow the links provided in the following link and hit the join option in order to join the channel. There are no further steps to join any channel on Telegram. It’s as simple as that!

Why Should You Join UPSC and GPSC Telegram Channels

Go ahead and read further in case if you’re wondering what’s the benefit of joining telegram channels for UPSC and GPSC channels on Telegram. There are a lot of factors that make UPSC and GPSC exams quite difficult and challenging to pass. Factors like ever-changing exam pattern, minimum preparation time, vast syllabus to cover, etc, are the prime reasons why IAS exams are considered to be tough out of all other types of examinations conducted every year in India.

Obviously, you need to study hard and understand all the concepts in order to pass any exam. However, you also need to have the right kind of preparation in order to clear the UPSC and GPSC exams. Often, a lot of students don’t prepare themselves in right away and end up not clearing the exams even after multiple attempts. By joining the below-mentioned Telegram channels, you will receive:-

  • Tons of Study Materials for your preparation.
  • Audio Lessons and lectures to help you in understanding complex topics.
  • Daily Newspaper updates and other additional resources to help you further.
  • Exam related updates and changes to know the schedule and other details about the exam.
  • Guides on how to prepare for UPSC and GPSC exams, and a lot more valuable stuff.

To be perfectly honest, if you’re looking for a helping hand or a reliable resource to find study materials and other syllabus related stuff, then UPSC and GPSC Telegram channels would be the best option for you. Since the content shared in the channels is available for free, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your wallet or pocket. Follow the groups for best telegram channels for UPSC and GPSC.

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Best Telegram UPSC and GPSC Telegram Channels To Join

At the moment, there are hundreds of channels and groups available related to UPSC, GPSC and other IAS examinations. Therefore, it’s difficult to share all of them in this article due to various reasons. However, we’ve crawled through a ton of channels and handpicked the best  GPSC UPSC telegram channel for you to join right away without any issues.  From the group, you will get free UPSC material as well as GPSC material. Also, it’s recommended to prefer Telegram Channels over groups as you will be able to easily follow up with the previously shared information and your account information would be private.

Channel Name Joining Link
UPSC Channel Join Now
Acumen IAS Join Now
Mathematics Optional Join Now
History Optional Join Now
Economic Optional Join Now
The Hindu Zone Join Now
UPSC Zone Join Now
Indian Books™ Join Now
UPSC Prelims 2020 Channel Join Now
E-Books & Magazines Join Now
Encyclopedia Britannica Join Now
UPSC Mains 2018 Join Now
Parivarthan Join Now
PDF4Exams Join Now
Physics Books Join Now
Only CivilServices Join Now
Essay Writing Thoughts Join Now
Estore Join Now
✍ Bright Future 📚 Join Now
IAS HINDI 2018 Join Now
UPSC NOTES (image + any form) Join Now
🏆🏆 Join Now
IAS Studies™ Join Now
UPSC Answer Writing Join Now
IAS4Sur Join Now
UP-PCS 2020 Join Now

IAS Exam Books

If you’re looking to download ebooks related to IAS examinations or any other type of exams, then you shouldn’t be missing on this one. It’s currently the best Telegram channel to download educational eBooks and will also help in your preparation for exams at various levels. It is specially for upsc telegram group. You will not get eBooks and also various magazines and daily article links which will help you greatly in your exam preparation. Go ahead and follow the link to join the channel right away on your Telegram app.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

IAS Today

IAS Today is another well-known Telegram channel where you can find a lot of study materials and other educational content that would make your preparation for UPSC and GPSC exams easy and simple. Join the telegram ias and get the best tricks to learn. The content shared on the channels is legit and reliable, you don’t have to worry about the credibility at all. Make sure to join the channel right away simply by clicking on the following link on your device.

Link To Join Telegram Channel :-

UPSC Prelims

As you may already know, there are a lot of stages like Prelims, Mains, etc to clear the UPSC examination.It is best best telegram channels for UPSC. Unfortunately, most of the students don’t make it out as they fail to clear the prelims itself. Therefore, you need to provide equal important prelims as well. The content shared in the channel which definitely help immensely in your exam preparation process. Using the resources shared in the content, you will be able to understand various concepts and topics in your optional subjects. Go ahead and join the UPSC Prelims Telegram channel to gain valuable insights and information related to prelims.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

History Optional Subject

If you have taken History as your optional subject, then there’s no better place than Telegram to find study materials and historical information for your exam preparation. The telegram channel is a great source for information related to historical events and other stuff. Apart from a link, you will also find tons of study materials related to History which will definitely ease your exam preparation. Also, you don’t have to worry about any changes since it’s free for everyone. You should definitely join the channel by clicking on the following link if your optional subject is History.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

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UPSC Video Lessons

Go ahead with this channel if you would like to find video lessons and lectures on various subjects or topics for your UPSC and GPSC examinations. The channel is quite active and tons of video lessons are shared in it regularly for students to prepare effectively. If there are topics or concepts that you don’t understand, then it’s better to take the help of video lessons to understand them properly. Make sure to follow the channel using the below mentioned link to get regular video lessons and updates straight on your device.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

Telegram Group For Discussions and Doubts

Telegram Groups are very useful if you would like to discuss your doubts with other students and clear them as quickly as possible before the exam. There are thousands of students available in the group, where you can ask your doubts or engage in other exam related discussions if you want. The group is active and highly moderated, it’s better to join the group to know future updates and to clear subject related doubts if you have any! Join the group on your Telegram app simply by clicking on the following link.

Link To Join Telegram Group:-

Mathematics Optional Subject Channel

Mathematics is quite a difficult subject for a lot of students out there. There are tons of concepts and theorems in the subject which makes it difficult for the majority of the students to understand. Fortunately, there is a Telegram channel where you can find Mathematic related content to clear your doubts on important concepts. If you have chosen mathematics as your optional subject, then join the channel using the below provided link. Mathematics is considered to ba scoring subject, therefore, you shouldn’t be taking any changes in this regard.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

Economics Optional Subject Channel

Economics is one of the most complicated subjects to understand for a lot of students who are preparing for UPSC and GPSC examinations. The concepts in the subject look very complicated, making it difficult for the students to understand them properly. If you have taken Economics as your Optional subject, then go ahead and join the channel using the following link. By joining the channel, you will get unrestricted to all the Economic books and videos shared by administrator team of the channel. You will be able to download the books and also save videos on your device to watch later without internet connection.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

The Hindu Zone

By following this channel, you will get free access to all the important newspapers and editorial articles in  two different languages i.e English and Hindi. The channel is specifically limited to UPSC or GPSC examinations, in fact, the information and notes shared over the channel will be helpful for various competitive exams conducted in India every year. Using the simplified notes and important materials, your exam preparation would become relatively easy and simple. Follow the below provided link to join the Telegram channel to get access to various newspapers and notes for your competitive exam preparation.

Link To Join Telegram Channel:-

How To Join Telegram Channel

The process of joining the above-mentioned Telegram channels is simple and straightforward. You don’t need to complete any sign-up process or perform any additional steps in order to join the above-shared Telegram channels. You may proceed with the following steps if you don’t know the process.

  1. Open up Google Play Store or the App Store on your Smartphone to proceed.
  2. Type “Telegram” in the Search Bar and click on the Telegram App icon from the results.
  3. Select the “Install’ option from the page to begin the downloading process of the app.
  4. After successful installation, Open up Telegram App and enter your Mobile Number.
  5. Verify your Mobile Number by entering the OTP code whenever prompted on your screen.
  6. Now provide additional details when asked to complete your profile creation. That’s all!

Once the sign up is completed, you will be able to join the channels or groups simply by clicking on the above-mentioned links. Upon clicking the link, you will be redirected to the channel or group page in your Telegram app, simply Tap on Join or Follow option over there to get started.

Final Words

Well, it’s time to end this article here itself. I hope you have found the above-mentioned Telegram channels to be helping your exam preparation. Make sure to share the article with your friends who are preparing for any Competitive exam conducted in India. Let me know in the comments if you follow any other Telegram channels apart from the ones mentioned in this article. In case if you need any further help, then hit me up in the comment section.

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